November 2017 Message

Well this month what spirit want us to know - what is it that's important to us and how are we going to make the most of what our purposes throughout this period of time. Of course this month is all about that reflection. The side of ourselves that we are starting to look more closely at like, the mirror and we're going to be spending time going through questioning our faith, our intuitiveness, our pathway, our goals and so forth. But, this is to strengthen us not to weaken us.  Spirit really is helping us to embrace quite a lot this month - so you're going to be finding yourself thinking outside the square, enjoying time and energy with those that you love and in doing so- seeing everybody from a much different or much higher perspective.

This is perfect as this is exactly how spirit is envisioning us spending our time. Unfolding and working through our own personal issues. Yes it's going to be an emotionally high and an emotionally low period of time however, for each of those lows you're going to receive some very strong guidance or reassurance to help you to be able to make your way through the lessons that, will come with this month. The lessons will be all about what you believe in, this is like spirit is fracturing all those preconceived ideas and allowing you to have all those shattered pieces sit down in front of you. Only those that, are meant to go back together will come back into the conscious or the subconscious mind. 

This is the important period of growth not only will you look at your own pure identity. You will also look at how you have formed that identity through your thought patterning, your emotional being, your physical being and also through your spiritual and your faith being.  So this is a very significant month in helping you to heal, to rectify situations or fix areas that, are now purposely put back into your pathway to look  at or re-examine more closely.  It's not going to be an easy month but, the more that we're open to the challenge the more leadership and the more understanding and the more healing that we were going to allow.

November is known as the number 11 month which, breaks down to a number two - so intuitively and emotionally and mentally you're really going to be craving to better understand yourself and what a perfect way to experience this -  spirit is bringing every avenue to you in which, you will be able to look at that mirror.  That self-reflection, the way that you are pushing things out there and to enable you to see yourself in a much better light.

The healing process is not going to be always easy and neither the challenges that we've set for ourselves. You think we've probably spent ten months accumulating a lot of these lessons maybe, we've spent 10 years, maybe we've spent 20 years, 50 or 60 years. Therefore, this month we get the opportunity to look at what is it that we need to see and what is it that we need to change. I think that's beautiful!  Spirit is bringing you this opportunity this month - to embrace a pathway of better understanding, higher purpose and truth.

The month is about encapsulating and re-establishing your boundaries along with understanding that sometimes we need to just have faith.  It's almost like when I woke up this morning. It was  not as if I don't have a plan, it's whatever will be will be. its about trusting what you need or want will be shown or provided.However, it's not about being foolish and letting go of situations in front of you.  It's not about saying "oh I don't need to take that responsibility" I still have responsibilities but, I'm not trying to control how my day should go. 

 Maybe this is what November is all about. It's about not giving in to that need to control. It's about being able to step back and see things from a whole different perspective and in doing so like I said, spirits shuttering those illusions breaking down those barriers and taking care of those misconceived ideas. Spirit is enabling you a chance in which, you can re-establish a period of time within yourself where you are going to be able to look back and see how much you have grown.  That's what this month is about personal, emotional, mental and  physical growth. 

It's about spiritually being able to get back in touch with yourself believing in you. That's significant as well because, a lot of us do lose our paths. We forget to trust ourselves. We leave our life circumstances up to how other people may have an opinion of us.  How we believe others  see us, or our own preconceived expectations of how we feel we should be for others.  That's not what this month is about  - continuing that cycle. It's about taking back your identity looking at who you are and seeing this from a higher perspective.

When we accept or do this - you will accomplish a lot because, not only will you find those missing links or pieces. Not only will you rediscover lessons and challenges that you're probably more equipped to handle  now.You begin to  realize not only will you refocus your mind and be able to put your conscious and subconscious minds into a more peaceful a more deeper understanding.  You will also accomplish a lot emotionally and physically and spiritually and mentally and that is what spirits messages to you this month.  Start believing in you, take that time look at areas in which, you can nurture, recreate, remedy or fix you.

It's not about anyone else this month. It's all about you!  but it's also one of those journeys where you're going to be given plenty of ideas plenty or signs, plenty of messages because, that's exactly what's happening.  We're going through a period of reflection. 

So, thank you so much for joining me for this monthly message. I hope you're able to take something away from this today and have that reassurance that Spirit is with you, that the guys upstairs are there and that we all have a purpose in the big picture sometimes we may feel challenged by it and other times we may not.

This month is about personal self-reflection, taking back self empowerment and importantly feeling as though you can align all of the bodies. The spiritual body, the mental bodies, the emotional bodies and the physical bodies - embrace your month embrace your healing.


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