December 2017 

The first thing I keep feeling is it's time to re-balance the imbalances where we have over extended out energy and felt that we need to be different people for different reasons. Where Have We place to expectations up on delivering to the happiness or the completion of others? Where have we done this without giving to ourselves first?

Spirit brings up a very strong period of time in which, you will find yourself going through lessons and better understanding about where you fit in your life and what priority you are to you. It is very easy for us to give out energy to others. To support our family, to support our friendships, to support others with their goals and aspirations.

This month spirit is asking you to bring the same energy back into your own life. This may bring up some challenges for some as spirit brings through a strong reflection in which you feel others expect from you.

However you can only be that to yourself and others will accept you on a more authentic level when you stand within your personal power instead of feeling that you need to bend and mould to the will of others in order to be more accepted.

This is about standing in your power and doing this in a beautiful and what we call rationalized way. The message for you this month is to think about goals that you would like to achieve. This is a time in which to look at ways that you can achieve this by perhaps writing down matters or being more optimistic.

This could be about applying yourself to study or taking a positive step in which you can stimulate change. You may find yourself getting in contact with people you haven’t seen for some time. You made write a message or just go through a period of time of reflection.

Spirit is asking you to go back on the inside and look what supports your happiness and well-being. It is a time in which you will find yourself really looking at ways that you can attract a more positive time and that, this can come through Reflections and eliminating that which, no longer serves a purpose.

Quite often people get nervous with this vibration. What if I make this change and people don't like me anymore? Well they will like you when you like you. This is what we are reflecting to our life . A reflection, a mirror and this is about you stimulating the opportunity for wonderful growth patterns to happen.

This is a month of commitments that will come through finishing off areas that you do have a say in. Areas in which, you have had to take a step back maybe you have supported other so that they could accomplish their goals.

Maybe this was as you didn't have a say at the time. Spirit is bringing this back up now on to the table so that you can take a closer look and look at what best represents you and your happiness.

So in reflection December is about removing any limitations. About removing areas in which we have become stagnant. Removing the areas in which our mine has procrastinated and where we have sat on the fence with choices and decisions.

Now we have the encouragement to get a stimulated and moving into making everything come together. We may do this through initiating our own goals and plans for us a poster where we quite naturally tend to give it to others.

Spirit is bringing in a time of initiation change and spontaneity. You will be finding yourself going through all levels of healing which will be beautiful and beneficial. Communication will be so alive during this month and you will be amazed at what Reflections come through.

This is all part of the healing and all part of opening up out energetic layers enabling us to realign our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. We are preparing for our time in which we are feeling a strongest sense of settling.

No longer are we concerned about what other people need from us. As this is about bringing the energy back to the self and where we fit into our social calendar or circle within ourselves that makes us happy or who we truly are.

Spirits asking you to look at your personality. Look at what it is that you want. What it is where you have reflected upon being at the expectations of others. Look at how you can bring this back into yourself now and start taking back a little bit more of that power.

This is a time in which to encourage yourself by giving yourself the same encouragement you probably give so freely to others. This is a time to be open to encouragement from others as well. As this month has a strong affiliation to be connected mentally or more logically.

You may find yourself returning back to areas in which you have felt a strong affiliation be this with people be this with study or back to a time in which you have a chance to clear the mind.

This is my spirit is encouraging a time of greater understanding. The way you think reflects the way you act. The way you act is the way you think others people want you to react. Maybe this is where spirits bringing this lesson up for you this month to see that you only need to be yourself.

Thank you so much everybody for joining me and cosmic hugs xx 


Carolyn Clairvoyant

Monthly Message