2021 Tarotscopes
Aries - Carolyn Clairvoyant

Aries 2021

Your focus for 2021 is on creating change for the better which, you will spend the better part of the first eight months to achieve.


Cancer 2021

This year will focus on letting go of the old and letting yourself open to the new.


Libra 2021

This year gives you wise insight and opportunity to act.


Capricorn 2021

This year brings surprising outcomes which can govern much of your decision making


Taurus 2021

This year will focus on personal security, finances and removing that which is limiting or holding you back from reaching your full potential.


Leo 2021

This year will focus on transforming your life and preparing for a new chapter of change.


Scorpio 2021

This year will focus on retaining some type of control of balance.


Aquarius 2021

This year 2021 gives you every opportunity to forge ahead with areas of business, career and finances.


Gemini 2021

You may see this as your chance to work on your emotional betterment, mental or physical health or personal relationships


Virgo 2021

This year will focus on creating the perfect opportunity in which to follow your heart.


Sagittarius 2021

This year will test your ability to work through areas of imbalance


Pisces 2021

This year expect this to be a time of major adjustments and changes.