2022 Tarotscopes
Aries - Carolyn Clairvoyant

Aries 2022

You will see this as a year in which, you will undergo many adjustments around the home, family, and financial areas within the first six months of 2022.


Cancer 2022

This year focuses on happiness and commitments associated with that which you feel strongly about.


Libra 2021

This year gives you wise insight and opportunity to act.


Capricorn 2022

This year opens with a very strong focus on stability and areas connected to finance and career.


Taurus 2022

As you walk into 2022 you will discover how this year brings an enormous change that helps give you time to reevaluate your life goals.


Leo 2022

This year opens a time in which you can focus on what you believe is a very important time of personal strength and encouragement.


Scorpio 2022

This year brings a highlight over patience and letting go of that which you find is not working in your favour.


Aquarius 2022

This year shapes up to give you some very positive and productive opportunities in which to be able to step outside of your


Gemini 2022

This year focuses on accumulating and manifesting that which enables you to feel that you are attracting what you need and supporting that which you desire to achieve.


Virgo 2022

This year you focus on your immediate situation and how to motivate yourself into making positive


Sagittarius 2022

This year is the year of staying flexible and allowing yourself to go with the flow as nothing will be exactly as you plan.


Pisces 2022

This year gives you an opportunity in which to focus more on the areas of your home and developing what you would call