Aquarius 2020

What does 2020 hold for Aquarius

This year places a strong emphasis on getting your life into order. The priority is to change your habits and old attitudes and find a more positive outlet in which to grow. You will find many warnings manifest early in the year especially around how best to improve your personal relationships, develop better incomes and increase career or favourable working environments.

You can see this is the year to accumulate good standing in personal matters but, it will require your energy and effort to keep this a success especially around the home and family. You will see this as a time of small yet intricate steps to reconnect and problem solve past matters, to pick up on plans or goals once abandoned and to take the opportunity in which to move forward with greater motivation to achieve the happiness you deserve.  

February 2020 gives you the momentum however, July, August, October and November bring you the desired results. You will not just walk into your year with all the tools - you will need to work hard to make every effort and step count by learning how best to master the image and new you that is emerging successfully. 

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 may also go through a reshuffle. This is due to some unfavourable imbalances which could see redundancies or past working conditions or goals no longer of importance. You are learning to trust your instincts on when is best to jump ship and make a calculated change to support your long term financial and personal goals. 

Therefore business, career or promotions may be delayed over the first 3 months of 2020. You may feel powerless to change much of that which will transpire at first. Yet, the breakaway or shift will open new doors especially around May 2020.  So, don't focus on resenting the change as it will influence important opportunities that will manifest more positively later in the year possibly between October and November 2020

Monetary matters will be of great concern even a fixation as you delve into ways in which to rectify financial areas to best support your needs. You may be met with some unexpected financial expenses of problems which will require diligence to solve. 


Take extra care of your health especially around May and June 2020 when you are more inclined towards small irritations and allergies. You could see this affecting your lungs, immune, arms and shoulders. You are prompted to step back and see how perhaps your frustrations and personal anxieties may be setting off triggers within the immune system often due to family squabbles or personal environments which are of your choosing. 

Relationships bring an opportunity to look at what it is that creates the fear of not having what truly makes you happy. The psychological anxiety of comparing yourself to how you feel others should accept or acknowledge who you are. you crave to be happy, settled, comfortable and complete but sifting through the psychological mind field could take much energy and effort especially in the mid of the year. 

it will be around the months of August, September and October 2020 you will start to see a more rewarding and stimulating time of personal connections evolving. You will feel you do not need to control how matters happen, you will just accept and adapt to the new surroundings or fresh outlook on life that brings a deep sense of settling. This is your realisation, self-acceptance or conscious effort reminding you how much you have limited yourself in the past but now, you are finding yourself less worried about what others think and more concerned about what makes you feel positive about your life and happiness.

This year pressures life and attitude changes in a more sustainable healthy way. You will learn to be more open to your own inner feelings rather than seeking the approval of others. You will stay focused on finding what truly makes you happy and how best to obtain your goals and wishes. through what could feel unpredictable or hectic - you will regain your ability to trust every cloud has a silver lining which will support the need to feel grounded in the present moment and less dominated by past decisions or mistakes. 

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