ARIES  - THE TOWER reversed

Your personal relationships and connections will serve you best if you remember what happens in the present moment stays in the present moment. If you resort to old behaviours, past issues or previous actions this may not fair well with your current circumstances. Let bygones be bygones, stop looking back at what can not be changed. 


This is all about sticking to how you feel about current experiences. The focus is on keeping it real and keeping your feelings and thoughts in the present tense. 


many variations of what you feel, see and need when it comes to your personal life. You may be contemplating changes that will enable you to have the best of both worlds. The only small hiccup is in doing so you may find yourself in a tug o war between the tried and true and the desire for something more exciting and enticing. 

Is it a spicy rendezvous or little romantic getaway that seals the deal? Whatever you are planning you are determined to keep your options open. 


You seem to be wondering what really is happening when it comes to how others think and feel about you. Your curiosity could have you awake at night or daydreaming about the possibilities. It can feel like a game of cat and mouse as you try and delve to know a little more or dig around to find a clue.


You may not feel the confidence to ask straight out, perhaps the elusive and mysterious is more captivating.


You have the ability to sway the masses by creating a strong and reliable impression. The opportunity to take the lead with the right words and actions will give you the opening you need to ensure positive results. Your take charge and live in the moment attitude wins you more than one admirer or keen follower.

Your magnetism grabs attention as you find everyone loves your charisma, charm and personality 


If there is anyone who can give the right advice, be that ear or shoulder to cry on - then be prepared to be the go-to person. A special moment in which to share some words of wisdom or comforting support could lead to a deeper understanding or revelation.

Perhaps an opportunity to nurture a friendship into something more or fix a few issues around a relationship matter could present from this deep and meaningful connection.

VIRGO - LOVERS reversed

Take heed if the alarms bells are ringing and the red flags are showing, back off. You may see a challenging situation emerge over what you believe to be real and that which truly is the reality. You may get caught up in moment throwing caution to the wind in an attempt to know a little more or delve a little deeper. 

Something is not as it appears which can tell you that neither is the object of your attention however this won't stop you from flirting with the idea of just maybe things could work out 



Priorities, priorities, priorities that's your to-do list, working out what really needs the most attention now. Your personal life may be ready for some excitement however, you have to get the right foundations into place before you can even get to first base.

So, you may opt for a take it or leave it attitude. If it happens great! if not well then you will find plenty of other activities to keep yourself busy.


You can not stop thinking about what should be and what can be - if ONLY. The emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, mood swings, tears and tantrums could send mixed signals. You will feel old issues bubbling to the surface as you question if anyone really understands how you feel.

You may feel someone is acting unreasonable or pushing you into feeling as if you are creating a drama of your own making. Yet all you ask is for a little synchronicity and support - without feeling everything is left up to you to make happen.


A chance decision or invitation could lead to an offer you may find hard to resist. You could find this opportunity goes against all your usual logical thoughts or moral reasoning. But, it's enticing, exciting and perhaps you will feel the temptation is worth a try. 

You are not exactly playing with fire, but you may leave the moral high ground behind to have some fun instead.


The past comes knocking and with this comes a whole new set of rules. A past lover or relationship has you reflecting on the good times, the bad times and where have you been or what has happened up to now,  thoughts. You may not jump in and test the waters but you could find yourself reliving a few memories and moments.

Expect a reunion of some sorts to open up walk down memory lane. 


This is not an easy month for you, unfortunately. Your wings are clipped, plans will change and you will find no matter what you do, it just does not seem to fall into place the way you envision. Your usual optimistic self may focus more on what really is creating this block or delay around relationships. Is it you, is it not really meant to be or is it just not the right time to push anything right now.

It's a wait and see attitude or until situations improve and you can get the wheels in motion again.


You are about to do something you have wanted for some time but with a twist. It will come about in a way you least expect but bringing the same results, maybe for the good. You are at a point where change is inevitable and you are willing to get the ball rolling if it means igniting some excitement into what may feel is a slow race to the finish line. 

You are tired of waiting so you are making the first move.


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