Cancer 2020
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What Does 2020 hold for Cancer

This year will focus on unexpected challenges in the family or to do with family and lifestyle. This could arise through sudden news, personal restrictions due to betterment and well being or letting go of or saying goodbye to someone or something such as a job, lifestyle or other routine matters.

You could see yourself making changes to accommodate to the news or happenings especially between March and August 2020. This is all about being able to balance out life, have the right advice and assistance and most importantly the right care to undertake the changes arriving. 

This may create a few frustrations until you are able to fully adjust or adapt to the new circumstances. However, what does come from all of this is a much more improved opportunity to be more settled and focus on your new life experiences. This could arise through changes in the home, relocation or even forms of investments.

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 brings matters close to home. Once again you may be holding back until you are absolutely positive of choices to be made. This will be a busy time in decision making over the new summer with a chance to create a win win situation or outcome.

February and March 2020 shows the writing on the wall with financial discussions, agreements and progressive talks in which to get everything in motion. You will see past efforts and present circumstance guide you to work through any doubts or concerns. What does not appear favourable may turn out to be a blessing in disguise in the latter 4 months of 2020 so go with the flow. 


Monetary matters shine with good results. For all the changes you may endure elsewhere, the reliability of a resourceful and abundant year financially will begin to shine. Expect a few hiccups around negotiations but with a little patience, you can walk away with what you want or close to it. 

All the energy surrounding money, deals or resources appear from May through to November 2020 which highlights your monetary matters. You will find ways to prioritise your lifestyle to suit with making the necessary adjustments when required. You could also, see this as a time of working closely with certain organisations, tidying up important matters such as wills, insurances, superannuation, settlements or investments. 

Take extra care of your health especially if you are finding yourself unmotivated or stuck in a habit or rut. You may find sensitivities around you lower back, intestinal and bowel areas. This can be attributed to the lifestyle or home environments especially if you are trying to work through red tape or other issues which may take up much of your attention. 

Relationships will be limited by the amount of time you feel you can devote to any one person. You may encounter mixed reactions or the need to work through areas that will require a delicate touch or handling of matters. This will be all about the betterment of all concerned and not everyone may agree with the situation or matter at hand as easily as you may expect.

You may find yourself needing to be more sensitive to the feelings of others in order to clear the air or move past areas which will require a large commitment. This may come around the property, material matters or even agreements which may take time to process. 

This year offers you a chance to overcome any old and residual issues which have had an underlining effect on your home, family or personal life. You may find unexpected developments, surprise events or situation manifest pushing the need to open up and communicate.


You are passionate about clearing the air and the way even if it means fighting your way through unresolved issues over legalities or other matters - you will trust yourself to know what entitlements and outcomes are right for you. 

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