Cancer 2022
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This year focuses on happiness and commitments associated with that which you feel strongly about. This does not only include people in your life but plans and goals in which to accomplish and achieve that which you believe is possible to happen in 2022.


You begin the year with the ability to see that which gives you the time to reflect and reassess what the past few years may have brought to the surface. Your ability to see what can be done and how to accomplish this with ease - could become more apparent when you consider the drama or trauma it has taken to come to this point.


Now you see 2022 as a time in which to be able to find a more balanced way in which to be able to reach decisions or find workable solutions in which to be happy and content. You spend this time expressing that need for change in your home, lifestyle and personal goals. However, you will be clear on that which you sense is going to be a healthier outcome for all concerned and therefore you will forge ahead to ensure everything and everyone is under the same understanding.


You may even find where you are experiencing a sense of anxiousness or believe it will be all too challenging or perhaps fear of your decisions falling short of such expectation - instead, you see the clearing happen and you begin moving in an upward and positive direction to accomplish what you believe to be right. 


In other words, you will take a leap of faith and once you take that step - you find situations and circumstances become better aligned or fall into place better than you could imagine. “Learn to trust yourself and the choices you will make in 2022”


Home and family


This year will begin with a major adjustment in the home and family. This will be the beginning of many changes that will progress throughout 2022 involving the home and the family dynamics. You will start as soon as February 2022 as the perfect time in which to make clear decisions and find workable solutions. Your intention is to create a positive course of outcomes and results. You spend time reevaluating what stays and that which will go as you start the process of spring cleaning in and around the home environment 


You could find yourself working through a few issues with family, sorting and gaining a perspective on that which you may know needs attending. However, this is nothing that you have not encountered before and therefore you will be wiser on how to best handle matters so as to find the best solution for all concerned. Although your anxieties will be overcome you may find yourself very sensitive to others and their opinions in the interim.


This year gives you a chance in which to be able to close a chapter and clear the way in which to be able to move on to a more productive time around your commitments and plans for future happiness. However, through some small tests and some emotional re-evaluation, it shows your concerns will be unfounded as you work through 2022 finding ways to re-establish yourself and your personal goals. it is very possibly a new home or changes which influence the home will be encouraged throughout 2022 to happen.


Career and Goals


This year brings the chance in which to look at options or variables in and around your career path or goals. You may be easily swayed by the opinions of others feeling the need to appease or please. This could make it difficult for you to ask for what you need or initiate changing jobs. The need to be more productive is strong, and this may impact what choices you believe you can make as you could feel this may affect other work colleagues. 


You wish to be noticed or feel you stand out. You desire the opportunity to feel that you are worthy or acknowledged for the energy and effort that you give. You may feel stuck in a mindset that you lack certain attributes or skills to advance. 


However in reflection or hindsight you may just desire the opportunity to open yourself to new experiences which could be highly beneficial in the future plans around career matters.


Money could be a strong motivator as you will find yourself perhaps inspired by an unexpected offer or job opportunity which may manifest between the times of February and May / June 2022.


This opportunity opportunity will take you way out of your comfort zone and could give you a chance in which to be able to show your strength’s,skills and tenacity in reaching targets or being an enormous asset to a company or organisation. 




This year focuses on areas which bring attention to prioritising your income, and taking a closer look at your material assets. You find ways in which to capitalise on that which you already own and that which you are looking to invest.


As of the first two months of 2022 especially between February and March 2022 brings a supportive influence which could see offers or financial deals struck. These discussions and deals may come back into focus as you work towards agreements, contracts and documentation (wills, loans, assets etc) throughout August and September 2022.


Exepct a few surprises on how such money deals may manifests as it could be something that comes out of the blue or through an accountant or associate. It may very well be through a financial advisor or someone who has a strong interest in steering your financial affairs.


2022 gives you the chance in which to prioritise your financial affairs by the right support and systems into place. You benefit from working you way through your financial goals one step at a time.


You look at that which you need to let go of and that which you need to invest more deeply into in which to be able to sustain the type of commitments you are looking to make this year and future.


Health and Well-being


This year anxiety may be your main culprit when it comes to health. A tendency to make a mountain out of a mole hill may very well describe your nervous tension. However part of this may manifest because of past issues, concerns or emotional dramas which are still yet to be stabilised or settled.


At times everything could appear challenging possibly due to the changes you will be making in other areas of your life throughout 2022. Your nervous energy becomes more apparent once you recognise stepping out of your usual comfort zones and enabling yourself to be open to new experiences is a big thing.


February 2022 could bring up issues around the home, and family therefore, take care of diet and energy levels around the maternal or mother areas. This often can relate to hormones however taking care of the chest or breast and digestive areas could be significant for yourself or someone close to you.


May and June highlight a few issues around communication or conversations which could cause a little anxiousness or anxiety around the chest. Once again this may come through anxiety rather than a physical complaint


Throughout this year you will be encouraged to find a happy balance between your emotions and your thoughts. This will also imply taking care of your diet and that which you bring into your daily life so as to keep yourself in a happier healthier mindset which will in turn better support your physical body.




This year brings plenty of changes as 2022 opens up a new chapter in which you may find yourself moving forward with plans, Introducing new people or family, or just excepting a new way of living life especially connected to personal cohabitation or connections.


February 2022 through to October 2022 highly focuses on reconnecting with those that may play an important role in your life in the past. You may see yourself re-visiting situations, people and places throughout this time. However with all of this energy it may be that you find yourself going through a time of problem-solving, clearing and reestablish relations with family. 


Remember the keyword is re-visiting therefore you have been there and done this before and you will be wiser on how you progress through this time around. It is as if you are prepared and organised for whatever eventuates. 


For those that are single and looking - so with a little prompting you may find yourself in a very compatible relationship in 2022 especially between February and October.  You find the need to be more proactive in challenging yourself to get out there and meet people. 


This energy may even bring a very surprising declaration from a friend (new or old) who suddenly tells you just how much you mean to him/her. This heartfelt declaration could open to possibilities which could turn into becoming something more serious between you.


For those in stable or committed relationships this year enables a chance in which to be able to work towards solid plans and commitments. This may include some travel or even a chance in which to be able to put important financial details into motion.


A busier year socially as you spend time preparing and marking the way to bring together successful changes which will enable you to enjoy what life has to offer. Your priority between February and October 2022 will be to find that which brings a positive result and a happy outcome on all levels of your personal life and emotional well-being.