Capricorn 2020

What does 2020 hold for Capricorn

This year may not fall exactly into plan or order however, you will take every effort to regain the stable structure and support you require. Finances, business and career could be the strongest influence of problematic issues but, this could come only due to expectations taking a downturn around the first 3 months of 2020 which will require a creative solution or two in which to correct.

You could see this reflects highly on the family, home and changes in property or personal effects. The energy of the new year presents mixed emotions and mixed views all of which will require patience and tolerance to overcome. Deep down your inner perceptions is to do what you feel is right and to gain the backing that will enable you to carry forth decisions and plans. You may lose momentum or confidence is the overload of time and energy to get everything into a sequence of improvement.

In hindsight, you may look back over the past 12 months of 2019 and see the time was coming. Everything stretched and needing attention. Therefore 2020, shows you can no longer hold off waiting for matters to recover- you can only start the process in hopes to get a clearer perception without costing you more financially. 

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 opens a time to muster the right support to push ambitions into a new and well-deserved direction. You will focus on the offers or opportunities that come forward between February and March 2020 in which realistic and common sense plans will be expressed. You may enter many discussions in which your or the decisions of others affect the choices or outcomes to facilitate up and coming changes.  

To take advantage of the changes arriving you may summarise the betterment or improved conditions this will encourage. However, deep down you may be unable to reveal all the details until the deals or agreements are fulling in place. The months of July, September and October 2020 appear to bring a lucky outcome or break that leads to long term agreements with possibly government bodies or corporations, legal business dealings or institutional contractural support.

Monetary matters will not favour this year. You will find much indecision or uncertainty arises over financial independence and past financial dealings. The year will focus entirely on rectifying finances to sort out details and agreement to fix, resolve or settle assets and financial affairs.

Somehow, you may need to trust that once the ball gets rolling you will find a forward position in which to land. This will require much patience and understanding that not every issue can be determined. You may need to wait on others to approve or find solutions in which to reach an amicable result over the first 6 months of 2020 with some beneficial agreements and outcomes arriving by no later than November 2020.


Take extra care of your health around May, June July and August when sensitivities could arise around the spine, chest, digestion and intestinal areas. This may lead to additional focus on dietary, and environmental support to maintain health and betterment. You could see this as a time of taking a step back to work on health matters which could become exasperated by lifestyle, family or home matters.  

Relationships bring much speculation over how to introduce what will become a highly sensitive year in personal matters. You will question friendships, close liaisons or even family in search of answers that can help to bring a settled environment in which to base long term decisions, plans and commitments.

You will find this is no easy feat as you constantly struggle to please those who are close to you whilst striving to support your own personal happiness. You may resign to the fact that certain problems will not find a compatible outcome and maybe best left alone for the sake of peace.

It will become apparent that someone or something is testing your ability to adapt, this could weigh heavy on the betterment of yourself or those close as you work through ways in which to tackle the issue especially from February / March 2020. You may find no matter what you say or do, it's all about the waiting game, waiting for matters to be more stable before you begin the process again possibly around April through to October 2020 which could bring a more realistic or rational response or outcome.

This year will test every fibre of your patience, flexibility including persistence to manoeuvre over obstacles and work through the drama of many mismatched personalities. You are facing a year that requires change, no longer following the so-called safe route but leaping into the unknown.  You will find your personal wealth sliding from tough to easy, goals half started or restrictions placed around your time and energy concerning personal affairs in an effort to focus on that which will best serve your future betterment.

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