Capricorn 2022

This year opens with a very strong focus on stability and areas connected to finance and career. However you may find yourself looking at instrumental changes in which you will bring into your home and family dynamics especially between March and September 2022


This year gives you every opportunity in which to be able to focus on that which will require a change that will need your attention in which to stop wasting time in one area so that you can be more productive in another


You will work through any doubts that you may have in connection with what you are trying to nurture by seeing a more supportive time especially between March 2022 and June 2022 connected to your home and family.


You may spend this time reevaluating areas of communication or education already looking at that which may have been put on the back burner around goals and aspirations to once again recommence throughout this time


2022 gives you a chance in which to be able to see long-term results manifest through your energy and effort in a very successful and positive way


Home and family


This year directly focuses on stability. This often can relate to restructuring the home due to family changes. However it shows a very strong time of support around agreements With a great possibility connected to parents or parenthood.


This reflection could be about your own childhood and that which you may have felt strong values around the dynamics of parenthood or the importance of having security in your life. 


You may find this is a very strong time throughout March 2022 and July 2022 to enter solid agreements or even into contracts which will have a strong influence on the home and family areas


This year promises to give you a time in which to be able to restructure and develop the right supports and foundations. This may include purchases or settlements around home in property.


However you may find there has been unsettling around perhaps previous issues which may have affected the home and family (ie often referred to mother, family or parental influences). March 2022 or the first three months leading into 2022  give you the opportunity to find a personal sense of reassurance enabling you to overcome an emotional uncertainty or personal inhibition you may have surrounding the home or family.


Career and goals


This year you are highly focused, having a very strong critical eye on that which you believe you should be able to achieve. You Can gain strong lead way in areas connected to your current goals however it is that which you manifest between March and April 2022 and July August September and October 2022 which brings you the greatest results.


You could see this as a time of looking at areas connected to higher education or even placing yourself in a position of life experience which will have a very strong impact on that which you feel nurtures you.


Your passion will be to create what you believe is a time of self-expression by doing things better whilst opening opportunities to self improve, be more personally self focused and developing confidence in that which you believe you can do better.


There is a strong chance that dealings with institutions or even government bodies which can sometimes come through education and training and learning all contracts will play an important role throughout 2022.


Therefore you will take every opportunity in which to be able to work on enhancing your skill set and finding compatible outlets in which to be able to thrive with in your career path or personal ambitions





2022 will focus more on the income or financial areas you have at your disposal as you walk into the year. This means that you may see this as a time in which you are reliant especially between January 2022 and April May 2022 on your current income or financial status.


After May 2022 and as you walk into June and July 2022 you could see a more productive time around financial matters as you look to resources and bettering your income capacity.


This could create a chance in which to be able to focus on financial goals and responsibilities around the home. You could see Contracts and agreements along with settlements. You will be passionate about creating the right space in which to be able to enjoy time with family or the home.


Therefore your attention will be firmly placed on creating the right financial balance in which to be able to make decisions wisely and productively around your financial plans and ambitions.


This year does not show great abundance but it does not show lack of financial support therefore you will find yourself making decisions based on that which you have and that which you can accomplish comfortably around money matters.


Health and well-being


This year will bring a focus around health issues or problems which you may have encountered previously.


January 2022 could influence energy levels and issues around blood work or possibly the skin and kidneys. You could be highly sensitive to irritations or infection throughout this time.


March 2022 could bring up areas around the digestive or home environment which may affect your emotions in which you could be feeling a little bit more sensitive than usual. You may decide that this is the time in which to be able to focus more on that which you believe will be for your own self care or betterment. 


September and October 2022 will influence your head and problems with joints or better known as bone structure. You could find that you have times in which you need to focus more carefully on better posture or enabling yourself time in which to clear your head energy if you are prone to overthinking or pushing yourself beyond your limits.


This year will push you to look at areas of self improvement and ways in which to better your health through recognising that which triggers you and that which you have experienced before, and may have knowledge on how to better handle when and if the same issues arrive throughout the months in which you may be more susceptible to health issues. 




This year you will need to practice patience when it comes to personal relationships and friendships. You may find you are putting some of your social commitments on hold or on the back burner. Perhaps you may find that others are not on your same schedule leading to times in which you may feel a little left out of the loop


January 2022 through to May 2022 may not be the simplest or easiest time around romantic or emotional relationships. You may find you are extra sensitive or prone to feel tension even a sense of arguments around family or siblings which could influence how you connect with others.


For those that are single and looking 2022 opens a chance in which to have a look at your long-term prospects around a relationship. However you may find a conflict of interest perhaps because the person you may feel a strong attraction to could still be working though aspects of personal commitments or possibly due to different values or upbringing (culturally) you may find some adversity from family members to contend with. 


This is not to say that you won’t have a successful personal relationship however you will work a little harder to try and maintain that which you desire to have or want in your partner or prospective romantic relationship.


For those that are settled or in a stable relationship, This year will test your ability to stand together and work together on reaching agreements especially connected to the home and family dynamics.


You Will be passionate about that which you believe should happen. This could lead to small frustrations or power struggles which may require a delicate approach to solve or settle especially from January 2022 through to May 2022.


However the focus is not to give in to doubts but instead find ways in which to be more tolerant and patient so as to be able to come to the right levels of support in which to keep your relationship happy and respected for that which you both believe can be possible.