Leo 2022

  You see support in which to be able to overcome doubts and follow through with plans and goals effortlessly especially within the first three months of 2022


The opportunity in which to be able to focus more on your personal self brings you time in which you start to see long-term goals not only available and accomplishable but also without the usual drama or interference. 


This year enables you to look at ways in which to be able to be more stable with your thinking and the way that you wish to be able to alleviate stress by building the right foundations for the long-term


You will find walking into this year that January rings very true to re-establishing the foundations in which to be able to build more solid goals and positive opportunities in which to work around your health and betterment along with your personal relationships and career and home life.


This is a year in which you will master many of your goals simply by putting your energy to that which you have envisioned can be possible and is possible


Home and family


This year enables you to negotiate what you believe to be a more supportive time around agreements and the home. You could see this as reaching deals or entering contracts which may see you opening up opportunities in which to flourish around the home base.


This will be a busy year for correspondence and therefore you will find yourself putting pen to paper especially when it comes to plans and goals or even information that is important to be noted in regards to home and property.


For some this may be that you are dividing certain aspects of your home and your possessions. For others who may be using this year as a time in searching the family tree or something just as exciting. If there has been a history of turbulence within family or sibling dynamics you may finally put some of this to rest.


Your desire to have everything stable and in order especially between family could lead to information being written or spoken so as everybody has a greater understanding of that which will be expected


You are focusing on the long-term and therefore you see March April May 2022 along with June and July 2022 as strong fixtures for plans and goals possibly even working on areas of investment to do with the home and family.


Career and goals


This year your priority is to be able to have faith in your money and incomes. So this could tell you that you will spend time focusing on ways in which to be able to gain greater value from your goals and aspirations.


You may need to look at ways in which to be able to restore your reputation or personal image when it comes to reassessing what you have done in the past to what may be expected of you in the near future especially throughout 2022.


You may have wound all your identity up within your career path leaving a sense of disassociation because you are no longer following that path but instead being pushed in the opposite direction so that you can maintain some resemblance of consistency in your career path or job.


What does stand out the most is advocacy and organisations connected to the community in areas of well-being and betterment and particular supply of services. This could indicate that the opportunity to re-establish or redefine your career path enables you to have the support of the community and those who will benefit from your input and energy.


You will find the first five weeks of 2022, including September, will have a strong influence and impact on your career path or goals. This may require special attention to your own health and betterment and ways in which to be able to feel that you are working towards areas of improvement.




Very early on in 2022 to your focus will be on being able to maintain a financial stability. You may give in to worry over your ability to maintain financial balance or even fairness. 


Your purpose is to re-establish what you believe to be an agreement that enables you to have long-term access to the type of financial support that you may require


A small hiccup around May and June 2022 could see unexpected developments placing stress on your financial circumstance. This could have much to do with changes within financial benefits or incomes however it appears to be more around government or institutions and organisations related to money or benefits which you may have already earned or be owed.( superannuation, pensions, investment or shares etc) 


Financially 2022 brings much information around documents and papers but not connected to inheritances or loans. If you have borrowed money or lent money secretly it may become apparent at this time and therefore you may need to renegotiate your financial situation by re-delegating money or offloading some of your financial pressure so as to maintain an income.


Health and well-being


This year you may find health matters accentuate areas that you should focus to fix or remedy. January 2022 could highlight problems with the head eyes sinus or areas connected to the upper jaw and ears. You could feel more tension or perhaps this is more to do with headaches insomnia and lack of focus and concentration.


The vibration around March 2022 will affect the spine and areas connected to the chest such as the heart. You may find yourself feeling more anxious or more susceptible to issues connected to the heart such as high blood pressure or heart palpitations.


September 2022 will focus on levels of the throat your thyroid and neck. You could feel sensitive to areas connected to that which you feel you need to communicate or express more openly.


Although you may not see this as a physical ailment you are showing quite regularly that you need to focus on supporting yourself and strengthening your energy towards staying on track with your goals so as to be able to feel more balanced and have a healthier mind body and soul.




Family will play a very important role when it comes to your relationship and personal circumstances. You may feel that others don’t completely understand where you’re coming from and exactly where you are emotionally at times especially if this is between a parent and a child.


The conflict or unsettling may take a bit of time and adjustment especially around March and April 2022. However part of this could be connected to other people’s money or perhaps other people who may have an impact on this relationship and therefore interfering in what you would normally work through or overcome.


This may stand true to anyone going through settlements or agreements around children or a home just as an example.


For those that are single and looking to establish a romantic relationship this year. You may find yourself attracted to somebody more mature or older. This person could be somebody that you’ve known for a long time but there may be a conflict-of-interest because of the dynamics of relationship surrounding this person and yourself.


You could spend majority of the year trying to work this out. However you may find the middle of the year between June and August 2022 becoming relevant around opportunities in which to establish whether this particular relationship or connection can flourish


For those already in a settled or established relationship you may find parental issues become apparent. It could be an unsettling between siblings which may bring about strong confrontation or even a Division. This is not to say that it will not be settled or worked through however it could last for a majority of the year before seeing a result which would resemble peace.


Therefore relationships will be testy and there is a strong need for direct communication or keeping everything factual and written down so as to be able to retain a sense of balance and authenticity between parties.


This will not be a simple easy year around personal areas with career and financial areas of 2022 influencing much of the energy around unstable or unsettled environments. It is not surprising that this would be something that will also affect your relationship area.