Gemini 2020
Gemini 2020 Carolyn Clairvoyant

What Does 2020 hold for Gemini

This year will focus on letting go of all those unfounded fears and moving forward to enjoy a more abundant and positive time ahead. 2020, promises to show you the way with some strong and supportive ways to overcome your innate questioning or concerns over what suits your emotional betterment.

You will enter 2020 feeling as though you are pushed to be more practical and realistic about goals, career and personal relationships. it is as if opportunity starts knocking on the door of the new year and you answer with a surprising way in which to create the right foundations for your betterment. 

It's about toughening up, being more resilient and more importantly clearing the way to feel you can achieve your goals because you deserve to be on top. The urge to make every day count, stand by your commitments and work hard to achieve the skills, opportunities and recognition your deserve, will come through strongly.

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 bring new and positive directions. The world is your oyster, all you need to do is prepare to do everything you have known to this point differently. A fresh and beautiful approach can bring good fortune and possibility to expand ambitions to secure your dreams. 

You are highly creative, determined and can see the more you focus the closer you will come to obtaining the results you envision possible. News around real estate, location or relocation, contracts or other positive support systems manifest taking the pressure off and bringing you closer to moving forward in leaps and bounds.  People will approach you, lure you or even head hunt you to be part of their team or group

Monetary matters will favour as early as February and march 2020. This could be a bonus or helping hand around family or other personal financial goals. You have a clear picture on how to maintain and build upon your financial independence giving you a sure shot at reaching supportive incomes and material needs.

This is your chance to be realistic, logical and most of all wise with your investments, and financial resources. You will try to avoid temptation of spending or wasteful purchases. You wish to bask in your good fortune and will direct your energy towards building a dream come true - this could be a trip overseas, a lifelong plan to purchase something you have wanted or even receiving money that sets you up for several years to come enabling you to focus stress free on long term financial plans. 

Take extra care of your health especially from March and April 2020. You could be prone to issues eyes, ears, sinus, and head. You could be so determined to not look after yourself because your optimism tells you in the long run you will be fine. However, you could need to balance out good healthy choices and plenty of rest in which to keep yourself at optimum performance. 

Relationships may take a bit of a back seat. You are highly focused on your career and other factors to support personal success. So, your personal life may be carefree and easier than usual. This is not to say you will not have the support or a good personal network of people to enhance your life, only that you are choosing to put your needs first.

You will be attracted to different people, cultures and light fun times. perfect if you are planning on getting out of your usual routines and meeting some interesting people. You will not waste time fixing, mending or working out anything broken or past its used by date. You have other priorities and that is not one of them!

This year offers you a chance to overcome some of the tough cycles you may have placed yourself into in previous years. You are well aware of the power of change and will embrace this year with the attitude of i can do this with or without your permission. You will be excited by new people, new ambitions and improvements in your life that open new paths to explore. 

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