Gemini 2022
Gemini 2020 Carolyn Clairvoyant

This year focuses on accumulating and manifesting that which enables you to feel that you are attracting what you need and supporting that which you desire to achieve. In your own mind and thinking, you will not want to force anything as you wish to allow everything to manifest in its own natural flow. Therefore expect April and May 2022 to open the door enabling a strong chance to manifest and abundantly accumulate better financial incomes or resources to set your goals and targets into place. 


You see yourself reaching all levels of commitment not only around your professional relationships but also your personal life goals. You will spend time clearing the way in which to be able to feel confident by eliminating any of the self-sabotaging antics, drama or people who no longer fit into your aligned plans..


This year gives you the dedication and stability in which to confidently feel a greater sense of achievement in re-establishing yourself in a way in which you know the empowerment in which to be standing in your own individuality and becoming your own person


Home and Family


This year brings reasons to work towards striving to be your own individual person and therefore you may not always agree with everyone or everything. You could see this is the time in which the family dynamics may change.. Siblings may leave the nest or in some cases, change may be a relocation or even something greater. You could find yourself seeing a more balance time because of these changes due to proactive choices in where and how you choose to live.


The focus and commitment will be to put finances and energy into manifesting a stronger time of investment around home or property possibly even a major purchase. You feel that this is the chance in which to be able to focus on creating the type of financial stability now and in the future. Financial commitments and obligations to do with the home and family especially within the first 10 weeks of 2022. However, it will be August and September 2022 which will highlight your priority around your budget and spending.


You could say you are looking to be more independent and support your ambitions with getting something you believe is rewarding you for the effort you put into saving. This year enables you to find a more harmonious way in which to be able to set up your living lifestyle whilst enjoying time on a social and emotional level with experiences that enable you to flourish and grow.



Career and Goals


This year your determination to achieve or propel forward could hinge on OCD or sometimes vast extremes in the desire to reach a certain level of success. This year will test your ability to stay focused without overindulging or forcing matters to happen.  To be fair this could also indicate that you have a one-track mind and therefore your urge or choice to prove yourself or to accomplish much could be a very strong motivator but also something that you worry constantly about maintaining.


You have many opportunities as 2022 support every chance in which to move forward and create the right foundations around your professional or career life. Although you may not wish to embark on anything that requires a lot of external energy such as study or training. You will however have the opportunity to build confidence through peers and colleagues or those who encourage you to enjoy the experiences around your career activities. 


Expect February, March, July, September and October 2022 to be a strong influence on your choices around career and goals matters. 




This year with a keen interest in not getting stuck in a financial predicament in which you have no freedom. You begin the year with an attitude and motivation to keep, maintain or find a substantial income. You will not cut corners instead your moral compass will be highly focused on certain work values or skills in which to be able to increase your finances and incomes.


You find confidence in enabling yourself to spend wisely or smart when it comes to maintaining your living lifestyles such as your home and family expenses. You may have a major goal you wish to accomplish before the end of September 2022. This year supports and drives you towards finding capable ways in which to work towards a major purchase, investment or something you strongly feel the need to save for in the near future.


Although you may find yourself questioning the financial contributions of others so be careful of shared financial expenses or entering partnerships that contribute to financial outlays such as the loans or other benefits or beneficiaries. You may find a few discrepancies or a strong possibility It may not be satisfactory in the long term as much as it may look good in an instant.


Your immediate focus is around that which influences you to keep a healthy budget and retain a good income. So, as to be able to accomplish that which you have set as a positive financial target to reach before the end of this year.


Health and Well-being


This year taking care of your energy levels will be essential. You could easily be prone to different levels of exhaustion. This may come through over obligation such as friendships or social activities or living up to the expectations of others. You may find yourself working on such a tight schedule that you don’t give yourself enough time to unwind and relax. Therefore you may need to watch your energy levels because you may not recognise the symptoms or signs of exhaustion until it is already upon you.


You may find yourself more prone to health issues especially between May 2022 and October 2022. As this year highly reflects taking care of yourself you will need to also be aware of anxiety or issues in the nervous system especially the legs. You may be prone to issues with bloodwork and the skin sometimes this can affect the bladder or other areas such as the kidneys.





It’s not unusual for a Gemini to love the social aspects of friendships and being in the mix of the hive of activity. 2022 enables you to keep your social obligations alive with the opportunity to also find a beautiful new time of your own individual self.


You may find yourself focusing on and how you are personally evolving as you become aware of those you surround yourself with. This year will encourage you to harmonise with those in your life while still being true to your own needs.


For those that are single and looking for romance, you may find someone who enters and opens up an interest. This person may present very close to your home or through a budding friendship or social network. This person could leave a lasting impression especially if you connect between January, February, July and September 2022 when romance is more likely to take off.


For those already in a stable or an established relationship - this year is about supporting your partner or relationship on a more professional level. This could mean that one of you support the other to follow a career or personal ambitions. One steps back so the other can move forward knowing the support is there for the duration.


This year also favours entering into agreements that can have lasting results such as purchasing a home or getting married or even looking at ways in which to be able to flourish through commitments to do with the family. if your old relationship has come to the end then this may signal a divorce or other significant agreements between you both.


However, the potential of a happy time of enjoying love and romantic moments will flourish throughout 2022 as you focus on building the right foundations and moving forward confidently. Just remember there is no need to force anything - it just arrives naturally.