Leo 2020

What does 2020 hold for Leo

This year will focus on perfect opportunities in which to envision changes and reap rewards. You will find the more you patiently wade through the mix of changes the better everything will appear. the keen strategy of removing old issues and replacing more productive plans gives you the upper hand in many areas of your life.

You will see changes in the home and matters of support encouraging although you may worry about such as everything will need precision and timing to employ. You may question the validity of others or if these changes are worth your energy. However, once everything is ironed out you will see purposeful results.

This is a year of taking care of business, literally overcoming anxieties and frustrations to gain perspective on how fortunate you truly are to be able to move past what could have only been a testing time latter parts of 2019 and early into this year. You may see the home, family, health and monetary matters as a sense of finding your independence or isolating areas which will require diligence and perseverance to transform.

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 could come with many challenges of its own. You will need better preparation or more time to sort and sift through commitments. This will comes as soon as Summer months. Expect January and February to be one of forming the right backing and sustainable leadership in goals. June and July will revisit some touchy aspects however, you will retain your faith in knowing your energy and personal ambitions are not lost.

There is plenty of advice and persuasion to help you see the relevance in such support of the change. However, you may feel the road is challenging enough to without the external push to get on with it! You may decide to take matters at your own pace for peace sake. Remember each day brings you closer to what you want - even if your optimism may wane at times. Expect November and December 2020 to see a majority of the changes implemented complete and the following 13 months enabling you to continue with better prospects.

Monetary matters bring a successful time of accumulation as you move away from old spending or incomes into a new time of reform and support. You will clear up past debts or settle matters around February through April 2020. The unpredictability in the economy or sudden decision making over agreements and could see and important outcome in your favour

You will focus on what can bring long term results and assist with monetary, property or other ambitious adjustments in preparations from May through to September 2020. The time to set out everything and officiate with much consideration how best to utilise funds and long term expectations could see much of the energy focused on legal documents, contracts and insurances.

Take extra care of your health especially from October 2020 however it may be something that has been underlying for some time. Expects a few hidden cost or expenditures around health matters and insurances. You are prone to issues with the bones, teeth, joints and muscles. You may find services in which to find appropriate treatments which could rely on waiting lists or tests to become available. You may see this as a chance to get health into order even if it takes a little longer to happen due to the delays or long processing. 

Relationships bring much love and harmony as you see a wonderful year of personal support and heartfelt connections. A majority of the year may be spent just moving with the flow or taking the time to trust that those important to you, support you. 

You are learning to accept new lifestyle choices, bring new people into your daily circle and opening yourself up to the wonderful changes that come with wholesome connections. This year supports improving your life goals, personal matters and most of all love connections and commitments. 

This year offers a time to change direction and accept that although you may have waited to progress on plans that, the time you have waited or may still wait will bear fruit and personal happiness. This year is all about accepting change, altering your views and opening up your heart, home, and mind to being surrounded by comfort and support enabling you a time to embrace new a beautiful happenings.

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