Libra 2020

What does 2020 hold for Libra

This year is full of surprises and some you will expect but not see arriving. This will take you back as you begin to revel in the way the universe works and that which you perceived to happen does, but comes in a very different way. You crave change, you long for a new start, transforming your life into a time of new and happy beginnings. Letting go of what once was traditionally stable and letting yourself be led along the road to something new. 

The very first month of 2020 may not be everything you hope to achieve. You could feel confused about choices to be made or even if you are happy with the decisions you decided upon back in October / November 2019. But, perhaps this is more so as you are no further along than when you started. This is all about to change, that fog you are in or worry about the next step is manifesting behind the scenes. You might have a hundred opinions happening but the universe is going to bring everything into a reality when you least expect it to all fall into place.  

As you patiently wait, you will work on other plans and goals taking the pressure off that one thing you are focusing on happening. Therefore you will tidy up accounts, look at changes in the home, focus on goals, work and career areas that can benefit when everything is in place. As you move into February, May and June 2020 you see that all these delays and obstacles are for a very important reason. It is all to enable you to feel more comfortable with your choices which will bring many discussions, decisions and outcomes around contracts, agreements which embrace a major turning point in your life, involving the home, finances and family. 

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 will see some holding patterns forming. These small delays or blocks could give you concern especially around January and February 2020. However, as the year progresses you will not see the same restrictions by August 2020 as you embrace a new sense of freedom. 

The mid to latter parts of 2020 give you a chance to look at that which is important to your long term ambitions. You discover your doubts or fears are unfounded and you are ready to jump in and take the opportunity of a new fresh approach to what is on offer. So, those small compromises at the beginning of the year give are worth it. You may decide to move into a job role that is casual or transparent enabling more freedom. This could come as a completely new career path altogether, something you least expect. 

The desire to be your own boss, person or have the ability to support your ambitions and goals can and will happen. This is one of the best years to support these desires. Your confidence in allowing the universe to set you on the right path and course towards such will boost your confidence even more so if you are patient in waiting for all the ducks to line up. "' Still getting what you want just not how you expect or perceive it all to come together"

Monetary matters bring agreements, settlements and outcomes with much sorting happening around the first 3 months of 2020. You will have good luck and blessings overall deals and monetary matters. This will restore your faith in decisions to be made and those enabling such to happen even if finances have stalled you receive news or offers that put you back on track.

The improvements will be felt with new resources, networks, incomes, people and places. All this bringing you into a time of personal accomplishment and comfort over financial matters. The first 2 months of 2020 may feel dysfunctional however, September and October give you a reason to relax and enjoy personal success and abundance. There is a strong focus on the family, home and children especially mid of the year. This favours a productive time for holidays, special events or occasions in which money is well spent.

Take extra care of your health especially if dealing with past or persistent health conditions. you may need to prioritise your health and betterment to overcome stress, dietary or other lifestyle choices. You may find sensitivity around the stomach, digestion, chest or additional stress putting higher demands on the body especially around April and May 2020

Relationships will thrive and so will the chance or opportunity to embrace a time of good relations with those who matter. You will see a proactive time of plans and goals to which to look forward to arriving especially around October, November and December 2020. However, May and June 2020 could see the focus on material goals and propositions in which to make life easier.

You will be preparing for a year of leaving all that you have felt problematic or a need to improve behind allowing wise decision making and key plans to manifest a more balanced lifestyle and time in which to honour relationships. The journey will be one in which you may be emotional about leaving, you may even question if your dreams are worthy of all the work you have placed upon yourself to see happen. But, you will be reminded that just a few small hiccups do not mean your true road to happiness is impossible. 

This year encourages letting go and having no regrets. The more you adapt to the challenges in front of you the easier you will accomplish the desired goals you wish to embrace. You will spend a majority of the year negotiating finances, dealing with home and property matters which brings you closer to your long term goals. You will get your wish, you may even see it manifest in the most unusual of circumstances - however, it will come to fruition.

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