Libra 2022

What does 2022 hold for Libra

This year gives you the opportunity to truly focus on that which you need to be able to let go of in order to be able to find yourself once again. 2022 is going to give you that opportunity to tidy up aspects of your life which you may have felt ready to resolve or challenge to change as you moved into this year.


You will find between March April and May 2022 and again in December 2022 that your focus becomes more solid or precise connected to the home and career matters.


You will see workable solutions presenting which enable you to reach agreements to alleviate any anxieties around your career and home in family dynamics. This enables you to build or Strengthen foundations.


You may even see this as a time of major purchases or financial interactions bringing a sense of beginning a new or taking a fresh approach to that which will be significant in future financial areas.


2022 will teach you patience and diligence when it comes to communication and negotiating that which you know will be essential for you to let go or close that chapter to be in a healthier happier space.


Home in family


This year Brings a high focus around financial dealings to do with the home such as marketing buying and selling. The opportune time could come between the times of February and April 2022 however the whole year does govern investment and a financial matters.


Discussions and talks around monetary and personal areas could commence as soon as January 2022 however it is more likely that March and April 2022 will hold the key to deals and agreements being struck. 


However, with this expect a few family dramas or unsettling which may need deeper understanding especially to do with property or financial interest which may affect others or be of greater interest to have settled.


This year enables opportunity in which to be able to reach agreements  and fulfil plans which in turn will take the pressure off and help solve what may be still influencing from the past 36 months  to be closer to settling. 


Career and goals


This year will Focus strongly on partnerships and positive alliances especially between January 2022 and August 2022. The months in between will give you the opportunity in which to find viable support in which to establish good agreements and personal satisfaction


You may find contracts and agreements or the possibility of a business partner or investor Strongly influencing decisions. Your priority to make better income or to be more materially sound Could be the key to you returning to an idea or concept from previous years.


March 2022 through to June 2022 gives you an extra boost of confidence as you see that which you have put energy into happening start to manifest in a very positive and productive way.


This year enables you to prosper through joint ventures and excel through the support of others. You will see this as a time in which to trust the decisions you Will make and therefore find yourself in a comfortable time of personal success




This year you have a chance to make money however you may find the first four months of 2022 gravitate towards areas of compromise in order to make money.


You may need to wheel and deal or set personal financial targets in which to reach the desired outcome or financial benefit. As this year depicts working in conjunction with others it will also show that your financial areas will come through the support of agreements and partnerships connected to financial incomes and investments.


You will spend the middle of 2022 finalising agreements and settling old affairs around financial matters. This prepares the way for December 2022 leading into January 2023 to be more financially stable and productive with money matters.


March and April 2022 focuses around the home and family with budgets and financial discussions. This may be the opportune time in which to buy or sell or invest as the market will be ripe with deals and bonus outcomes bringing you opportunity in which to gain a better price or a better deal.


Health and well-being


This year will focus strongly on surrounding yourself in a healthy and conducive environment in which to be able to feel mentally and emotionally safe or supported.


March April July and August 2022 will be the months in which you will find yourself more anxious and exhausted as you work towards settling affairs and redirecting areas of great focus in your career and financial matters.


You may feel this anxiousness more around areas connected to the heart and the spine which will also affect the blood pressure or create tension in the chest. This may present when you feel unsettled or overly conscious of taking on too much.


Therefore your health and well-being benefits from prioritising that which you wish to achieve and allowing yourself time and energy in which to manifest that outcome.


This year you see areas of life which may in some ways intrude upon your personal relationships. You will find your urge to be around people on a more social level appealing rather than feeling overly obligated or under pressure to push a commitment.  You may instead find yourself more comfortable to spend time with family or plans which involve spending time with those who are important in your daily life.

However, 2022 does highlight if you have experienced problems or issue with a partner - you may look more deeply toward changes which could lead to dissolving or leaving the relationship. You are looking for positive experiences and a chance to grow not stand still. Therefore if you do not feel this connection is producing your ideals and views - you may take the step to close the chapter and move on.

In saying this you may find if you are single and looking for love that a close friend or a connection which you feel is known to you may blossom. You will find times of spending close and direct time together which heightens the energy between you both.  You could see between May through to October 2022 a hive of personal experiences bringing love potential into your close knit circle.

For those who are in stable or settled relationships your focus is on expanding the relationship. This may include adding to the family or taking steps to create the next level of plans. You strive to find happiness in your relationship and therefore you look to gain a greater insight into your rel;ationship with each other. 

You may spend a majority of 2022 opening the door to opportunities that bring you closer to your emotional needs, intimacy and personal beliefs and views. Although in this time you will see much revealed, you may also feel ready to to explore new territory, try new things or just enjoy a time of aligning with your relationship.