Pisces 2020

What does 2020 hold for Pisces

This year focusing on overcoming any anxieties over the home, budgets and family matters. You will review your potential goals and work on ways to resurrect what may feel like a one-step forward and three back. This will be a process of watching and waiting possibly taking up much energy between February 2020 and May 2020

Emotionally you could sense this is all about change. letting go and accepting some areas of life will always have a dysfunctional way of working out. This could boost your confidence is realising you are making the right choices based on the circumstances you will deal with over the course of the year. 

You want more than anything to ride through the year feeling you can balance your personal life, monetary matters and still feel you are giving back to yourself. The problem is its not an easy decision as you will begin to see ripples of undercurrent emerging over who think what is best and for whom. 

Career and personal goals throughout 2020 will bring minor frustrations as all schedules go out the window. Last-minute changes or obstacles will see you reflecting back to past work experiences or even returning back to an old job or career path. This may not be a negative influence however, you may use your past knowledge to expand your goals and achieve what you truly desire. 

You are stronger than you realise and that resilience or determination could land you a prime opportunity in which you are thrust into a strong position of leadership. this could come through a perfect conversation, network or offer that falls sweetly into your lap around the first 6 months of 2020 more so May and June. 

Monetary matters are more relaxed with even a few small holidays possibly internationally or overseas or breaks in discussion for later in 2020, especially around November and December. You could consider using some of the excellent financial trends to further education or other passions.

You won't pass up the chance to see financial goals manifest as you will have a finger in every pie. This year is creating the eright foundations to look at what truly is important for future security especially around August and September 2020. However, you will not be able to force matters to happen sooner than required so have patience and allow the abundance to manifest in its own time. 

Take extra care of your health especially if you find yourself juggling more than usual. You will find sensitivities could arise around the throat, lower jaw, neck and ears. the pressure may build gradually and without knowing as you will be more focused on other matters you may leave your own health needs til last.

Relationships move onto a more troublefree or less cumbersome time. You don't spend much time fixing old problems instead of opting to glide over or not notice them at all. You may not have much personal time to develop your relationship needs due to other responsibilities possibly as part of your conscious effort is to let sleeping dogs lay. No use bringing up an issue that has been a constant as it has not changed then and it won't now. 

You will find a compromise, especially between March and August 2020 to not be as sensitive to what ticks you off. Instead, you may find this as an opportunity to make lifestyle changes for yourself that help you to release any pent up frustrations or old problems. 

This year offers important awareness, strong decisions nad large commitments that will be the building blocks of significant changes in the year to come in 2021. However, you may dilly dally around some of your commitments due to uncertainty or less than favourable concerns. You will focus more on what brings you to balance, healing and harmony so as to manifest your goals and move forward into a new and improved year of better agreements. partnerships and monetary gains. 

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