Pisces 2022


This year gives you an opportunity in which to focus more on the areas of your home and developing what you would call a time of personal improvement and opportunity.


You could see this year catapult you into areas of travel and exciting times around your personal life. This could be a sensational year for commitments and other strong alliances which will influence personal happiness.


April and May 2022 along with November and December 2022 highlight some very auspicious celebrations and the reaching of specific goals. You see this as your chance in which to be able to make choices which invite positive and productive changes into your life.


This year enables you to let go of emotional drama and instead focus on that which will bring you the encouraging times of settling and contentment especially around your home and friendship areas.


You will find ways in which to be able to excel or draw upon positive influences in which to be capable of one of the most impressionable years as far as gaining the level of personal satisfaction and happiness. 


Home and family


This year you could see yourself making some very quick and spontaneous decisions when it comes to the home and family dynamics. May and June 2022 could highlight a time of short trips or taking up invitations to be more socially active.


This hive of activity gives you The encouragement to look at that which brings you a sense of personal achievement. You could see this is a time of wise investment or even focusing on beautifying or making changes to your home and lifestyle to compliment the positive energy that surrounds you throughout 2022.


You feel this year is so much lighter and energetic. You spend time Enjoying the spontaneity of events and people. But most importantly the chance in which to be able to explore outside of your usual confines which is going to give you that added excitement especially in the later part of 2022.


Career and goals


This year highlights possibilities to be able to excel and broaden your skill base or talents. You are given opportunity in which to be able to look at alternatives which could see you taking on a second job or perhaps moonlighting with something that you are very passionate about


You attract the attention of those who wish to open the door to what could be a year of personal success. So this is a time to aim big and be prepared to be thrust into the limelight in some manner or way.


March April and May 2022 signify opportunities through contracts or agreements and in some cases business partners which can align perfectly to that which you are trying to achieve over the coming 24 months.


However due to new networks and affiliations in friendships and institutions or working environments, you may have a very instrumental friend who gives you inspiration enabling you to open a door in which to be able to excel and promote yourself or something that could highlight your skills and talents.


Whatever you touch turns to gold therefore you have every opportunity in which to be able to make 2022 a very standout year around your career and your personal goals and achievements.




This year brings you divine blessings around financial affairs and agreements. You could see this as welcoming new incomes for creating an Avenue in which you see vast improvement around financial investment and earnings.


You have blessings which often means that money comes through something beyond your expectation and therefore you feel excitement around your financial gifts and that which you are manifesting to create that abundance.


April and May 2022 and September October and November 2022 bring fortunate financial dealings. You see this helped along through benefits or beneficiaries which can give you the additional financial support as well. 


This year opens opportunity around fortunate financial breaks. This may manifest though loans, gifts or winnings. However it can also arrive through smart decision making and your ability to trust your skills and knowledge in where the best deals can be struck. 


Health and well-being


This year the only area that you may need to take care With may be connected to anxiety over exhaustion. You have a relatively healthy year although there are times that you may find that you are socially more proactive or over obligated leading to bouts of low energy.


April 2022 you may find sensitivities around areas connected to the digestive or intestinal and gut including the bowel. It May well be that you have many changes happening around you and this may just be affecting your diet or energy levels which Could disrupt your digestive system for a small amount of time.


May and June 2022 take care of sensitivities around the arms shoulders hands and chest often ruled by the lung. However this may influence somebody close to you especially if a sibling or a child (or inherited from childhood or genetically). A sensitive time which could  relate to something as simple as breathing issues, Or perhaps even tension or stress around the upper body due to exertion.


However it does show that you do have a pretty easy time around your health or well-being as 2022 shows marked reasons for inviting improvements into your lifestyle and into your health.




This year brings in a beautiful touch of magic around relationships and matters of the heart. Not only do you find yourself in a very popular situation but you may find yourself attracting quite a lot of attention.


You see this as a social year of connecting and opening yourself to new people and new experiences. You see the social butterfly become something that opens up anticipation and a beautiful time of life experiences when it comes to friendships and relationships


Expect the time of April May and June 2022 to have a very strong bearing on your social connections especially around special events such as a wedding or engagement that could become imminent.


For those that are single and looking you may find yourself with the opportunity to meet someone quite special especially if you are attending a function or spending more time around areas such as festivities or events.


You will meet somebody who brings out a wonderful energy and possibly could have a connection with overseas or be somebody that is new to your area but still has a connection interstate or abroad.


However October and November 2022 could see developments around a friendship which may step into becoming lovers or even a future partner. So there is no lack of ability to meet someone special in 2022.


For those settled and in stable relationships you may see this as a time of opening your energy to new people and new experiences with lots of planning around trips or other events.


You will be right in the thick of the situations which gives you a chance in which to be able to have fun and allow yourself time in which to be able to focus on bringing some new experiences to your relationship.


As this year is filled with celebrations and perfect milestones it may not be unusual for a proposal or even taking that next level of commitment through renewing your relationship.


Whatever it may be, this is a year in which 2022 enables you to find happiness and a sense of completion through areas that you are bound to improve and invite in from the time of April and May 2022 right through to the end of the year November 2022.