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2023 Is It For Me?

SO what does 2023 exactly hold for you? Let's take a quick look by finding how this year will influence aspects of your choices, connections, ambitions and outcomes.

Find your Personal Year is as as adding your day, month of birth to the current year, and then the sum down to a single digit. Example: if your birth day is 27th and your birth month is November adding to the current the year 2023

2+7+1+1+2+0+2+3 = 18 adding 18 so as to make a single digit 1+8 = 9 so my Personal Year is a 9

So, what does 2023 hold for you? if you are in a:



New beginnings and fresh starts

Inventive with business ideas

Success in all ventures

Abundance in making decisions that lead to new money making ideas

Lucky Breaks

This year is about supporting your own goals and need. You will be starting the year off feeling fresh and alive as you enter a time of new directions and fresh starts.

Your desire for more independence could assist you to achieve some very specific opportunities that bring possible relocation, a new job, a business ideal or deal or even a new relationship.



Pregnancies, children, family

In touch with creative abilities

Highly spiritual

Communications are important

Mirror image situations come into your life

This year is setting the tone for communication, creative energies, intuitiveness and partnerships. You will be finding yourself more inclined to be sensitive to your dreams and desires as you search for more than just you this year.

You could find that you are interested in joining forces with someone, a company or even an organization to bring growth to a project or goal you have been nurturing.

As this is a good influence for relationships, networking and other dual commitments you will find the offers just come to you, lead to new doors opening or solidify into something both substantial and lucrative.


Training and Study

Reward for all your hard work

Writing, reading, applying your knowledge

Career moves, promotions and success

Lots of projects or irons in the fire

This year is bringing excellent vibrations to finances, work and skilled abilities. You will have a lot of energy and great ideas to do a lot of different things throughout the year.

A good time for receiving recognition for all the hard efforts you have put into your work, goals and pursuits.

You may find yourself setting up some great milestones in your career with offers and opportunities to advance your position, enhance your skills or train and teach others being a focus.


Accumulating security

Building finances

Career opportunities are abundant

You don’t suffer fools more a practical approach to life

May purchase a home, large ticket items, things that bring you a sense of accomplishment

This year your focus is on stability, building foundations and materialism. There is a strong drawing toward gaining the right career, a promotion or even being more settled in your home and material sectors with large purchases or financial commitments.

This is a perfect vibration in which to gain headway on your material desires and want as they seem to accumulate effortlessly. Often the chance to buy a large ticket item such as a car, home or business is favored under this influence.


Socially very popular

Great for home businesses

Tend to gain weight

Through interaction you will network with those that will open doors

Financially a good year

Lots of interest in travel

This year the emphasis is on stepping out and embracing change, travel and socializing. This is may feel a little daunting after coming out of a heavy year of focus to know that you won’t have the same pressures and that you can relax more.

This is sensational for careers that involve writing, graphics, communication and publishing etc. Self-employed or home based business’s also get a boost with people being drawn to your unique and products or services.

As this year bring change it also brings more reason to travel more, experience life outside your normal boundaries or even relocating.


Family becomes significant

Babies, pregnancies, children

Buying, selling and refurnishing the home

Taking on responsibilities or assisting others

Wanting to be settled and in a relationship

Making strong financial decisions

This year represents family, home, commitments and love. You tend to find you are in demand with those who need your help and assistance and you could be inclined to take on additional responsibilities with the home and family.

This can be through marriage, a baby or even adopting a pet. The urge to nurture and give support to others is strong and regardless if you want to or not you won’t be able to stop it.

You will be more assessable to those who need you and still feel as though you are nurturing your own goals and desires.


Spiritually a strong period

Study, lectures, courses or other forms of expanding knowledge

Self-exploration finding out more about you

Getting in touch with your creative energies

This year is one of the deepest most reflective years that you will enter on the road to self-discovery. The focus is on finding the answers and directions that have weighing on your mind.

You will be more open to the spiritual aspects, metaphysical studies, self-help and even opening or enhancing your own intuitive gifts and abilities.

You will be more sensitive to your own needs and often will find you are drawn to the right place, job or area that is important for the next leg of your journey.


Being determined to achieve outcomes

A lot more energy and drive to succeed

Dealings with strong male figures

Contracts and agreements

Good for promotions, business or finances

This year you have a determination and drive to succeed, challenge yourself towards reaching major achievements and financial wealth.

You have more energy and drive to pursue and conquer your goals as this year allows you to harness your skills, abilities and the right support needed to bring this to a reality.

Throughout this influence the emphasis is on career and business dealing that will both support will flourish. You will find that you have the right backing or professional support that will come through large companies, government and other bodies. If you are in business this vibration opens some doors to greater success.


Finalizing accounts and bills

Travel could be significant

Introducing new cultures, faiths or customs into your life

Leaving dead relationships, dead end jobs or friendships hat don’t promote growth

This year is about closure, embracing the need for clearing the clutter from your life and travel. There is a strong emphasis on turning over a new leaf mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Your desire to clear the deck and remove anything that has not promoting growth in your life could lead to changes in friendships, relationships, career or even your home.


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