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April 2021 Tarotscopes

APRIL 2021


This month Aries brings a few frustrations around home, schedules and finances. Your focus will be on trying to sort out that which allows you to be more comfortable or sustainable. The difficulty could be that nothing is running to plan. Aries you may need to rethink some of your goals or look at alternatives if there is to be a solution found.


This month Taurus brings areas of home, real estate and other matters connected to professional services. You could say this is an extremely busy time between gaining advice and giving it. Part of your ability to woo the masses could arrive through an opportunity to shine. So, best be ready to take the lead on offers presented. Taurus this is a highly proficient month to get what you need when you need.


This month Gemini your confidence will rise and you find this a strong time of acknowledgement and collaboration. You see others participating in ways that bring you a sense of reassurance and mostly the ability to believe in yourself. Gemini expect to be popular among peers and attracting the right attention to succeed.


This month Cancer you appear to have a small issue between what you deem to be right and what really is presented. This may come through something you once thought was appealing only to find it no longer gives you the same excitement or no longer is fitting your needs. Cancer, small issues with temperamental feelings or problems with personal areas could interfere with your plans and emotional wellbeing.

LEO - FIVE OF CUPS reversed

This month Leo you sense a strong pull to reflect on the past. This could be due to family, friends or just memories which impact your thoughts. You want to catch up, talk or just reminisce about the times that have come and gone. Leo if you are looking for someone or something it is likely to reappear this month in full view as the past revisits in many ways.


This month Virgo your focus is on letting go and moving on. Although, this may not be an easy feat in itself due to circumstances which may force you to really look at situations straight on. Old habits, old issues or just areas of change which are long overdue appear to be a strong influence. Virgo changes in the home, family or just your life are all possible under this influence.

LIBRA - THE MOON reversed

This month Libra could see a focus on expression in many ways. Be this verbally speaking up or just affectionately showing your feelings. You have a need to to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Libra you may see this as a highly focused month of open needed communications, expressions of interest or gaining the information you need to proceed more confidently into the next level of decisions.


This month Scorpio you are focusing on family, children and of course your emotional betterment. Pregnancies, home maters or creating the right plans seem to all hover strongly over your daily affairs. You may see this as a time of great triumph or settling depending on your situation. Scorpio this is one very momentous month to celebrate something special.


This month Sagittarius you will spend little time on wasting energy as you look to solve that which has taken you off track. You may be cautious with money, career or retracing your thoughts on matters so as to be more organised and on par with goals. Sagittarius you are not going to keep putting time into something that is not bearing the desired effects or delivering on what you expect.


This month Capricorn you may find old fears resurface as insecurities mount. This may be your own mind holding you back with many questions rather than facts. The key to getting through this turbulent time of uncertainty is to find solace in knowing Capricorn, you can achieve or accomplish anything you put your mind toward.

AQUARIUS - THE DEATH reversed (same as last month)

This month Aquarius demands change in areas which will no longer be productive. You will feel like you are starting over with what could be described as a clean sweep. This may be something you anticipate or something that arrives on its own accord. Aquarius as one door closes another will surely open.


This month Pisces brings you to a few questions about what may be next. You may need to wait for matters to be more settled or stable before commencing on plans or settling on deals. Either way you are in limbo until the fog clears and everything is revealed. Pisces this is a wait and see month as nothing is ready to happen or everything is changing without notice.

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