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Aquarius 2021 Tarotscopes


This year 2021 gives you every opportunity to forge ahead with areas of business, career and finances. You will see this as your time reestablish yourself in a way that entitles you to advance upon your goals with greater success. This may arrive through unexpected means such as a student decision to step out on your own or through returning to a career path that once offered you little but now offers you much more.

Although your focus will not be entirely on career it is on establishing the right foundations in your life again. These plans could come through seeking a more healthier life experience or that which benefits your physical, mental and emotional betterment. For some you may just choose a path in medicine or alternative therapies. However, a majority will see this as changing a lifestyle into that which is more productive and healthier for you now and in the future.


This year offers you choices as far as your home and living experiences. You may decide that you have time in which to finally put plans into play to better your lifestyle. This may include choosing the perfect home, place or area in which to reside. Whatever it may be you see this as a choice which is long overdue and therefore one you will choose carefully.

The home and family areas will be surrounded by passionate and purposeful people that bring joy, friendship and possibly a sense of better social needs. You could see this time spent especially between mid February and July 2021 as a chance to plans holidays or spend time exploring places that open new to new adventures. In the months leading into December 2021 you may be ready to celebrate a special or momentous occasion after a year of fabulous changes.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 bring you a chance to reconnect to a passion or path that once held a strong influence. You could save this as returning to a job position, study or reconnecting with people and places which you once were strongly involved.

As you move through January 2021 towards August 2021 you may not be short of offers or opportunities in which to return to the workforce or personal goals. You will see this as a chance to identify with that which gives you a personal sense of satisfaction perhaps because not only do you already know what you can achieve - you bring more experience to table.


Financial 2021 brings you a fresh start with monetary or personal wealth. But, it also brings a time of responsibility and clearing the way to ensure this money stays in your pocket. Monetary matters will need attention especially in the summer months however, this may be a chance to deal with a financial matter head on rather than avoiding the obvious.

You may wish to neglect or negate fixing a financial issue which may involve family or a business matter. This may only exasperate the problem therefore, to save future issues take the time to work through matters more throughly whilst you have the time and resources in which to settle matters.

June 2021 through to August 2021 appear to influence heavier responsibilities or dealings. However, as stated the chance to tidy up or settle financial affairs will be beneficial if you are wiling to focus on manifesting the right agreements and settling outstanding debts at this time.


This year will bring you a chance in which to put health matters into perspective. This may include anything that may have been outstanding or significant for the past 24 months. You see this year as your chance to find a harmonious balance or way in which to be more healthier and stable.

Considering that the 2 of pentacles does not rule a particular health condition or organ it might be safe to say that its your emotional or mental energy that may be where you focus your energy. Placing the importance on finding equilibrium in areas in which you may need to temper, change or minimise to gain the most from that which can benefit your well being throughout 2021.


Relationships and personal connections undergo a time of pressure before you see results. This may imply that you wish to have a more responsive time emotionally without the pressure. However to have what you want you may need to take the good with the bad. A little give and take - nothing is perfect but the compromise may be worth the effort.

The added responsibilities can also indicate a time of greater commitments through engagement, marriage and entering into deals connected with purchases and other long term decisions. Some may choose to consider expanding the family. However, it may not be what is planned and adding to the pressure of additional responsibilities needing more attention to balance.

Personal relationships may not be as happy as you may envision. The feeling torn between what is expected and that which you know you can barely achieve. So, much of March 2021 through to November 2021 could see extra effort needed to keep everything in order and stable enough to enjoy.

​Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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