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Aquarius 2022 Yearly Tarotscopes

This year shapes up to give you some very positive and productive opportunities in which to be able to step outside of your usual comfort zones. You will see this happen around your professional life or even career and ambitions.

However you are very conscious of bringing through a new time in which to be able to grow and open the next level of opportunities in which to be able to thrive.

Expect February and March 2022 to highlight aspects around your social and emotional needs. You see this as a time in which to be able to clear the way to be more productive around reaching your goals and improving your emotional betterment through contact with others and your lifestyle

You may even see this as a time in which to bring in a better relationship especially if you have struggled previously around romantic affairs. This year could see you opening your heart to finding possibilities for personal happiness.

This year enables you to remove any blocks and to clear the path in which to be able to feel that you are successfully striving towards that which you believe is possible. The way you communicate and network with essential people will be a very good resource to help with not only your immediate plans but long-term ambitions and personal growth.

Home and family

This year brings a very strong time of communication and reassurance through aspects which may need healing or support. This may reflect more so around siblings, parents, or a particular family member.

You may spend the beginning of 2022 right through to the mid of 2022 Gathering resources or building upon a healthier and more sustainable environment within the home.

You’ll make strong and positive decisions and be clear about that which will influence a time in which wheels will be put into motion and plans will be initiated to bring everything into alignment.

February 2022 along with June and September October 2022 could see some of the planning or resources arrive through professional services or those in positions in which to be able to support that which you require.

This year gives you a strong time in which to be able to feel a sense of taking care of that which will give you the benefits of a more stable or productive time around your home and living lifestyle

Career and goals

This year you are motivated to step outside your usual confines and embrace opportunities which have every chance to flourish. You will have a very strong professional network which could align you with the perfect path.

You really could say that you have people in important or high places. January 2022 along with July October and November bring a strong and supportive influence which opens favourable agreements in which to be able to move up or into that which is going to support your long-term success and personal satisfaction

You are highly focused on self-improvement and development so it will not be unusual for you to recognise the levels and steps to take in which to put yourself in a position in which to be able to gain the best from that which you know will give You what you truly desire.

Although not everything will be planned so remember you may be propelled forward through some unexpected changes or events that set wheels in motion. Therefore you may well learn to trust that everything is happening for a reason. Opportunities knock this year bringing you a chance you may not have had if you were not already prompted by certain changes to come.


This year you may need to have patience when it comes to financial affairs. This may influence small delays or perhaps a time in which you may need to rework your financial priorities to fit to your current obligations.

But as you reach a time especially between July and November 2022 your financial affairs appear to be rectifying or balancing out again. You could find that there is a delay due to timing or the Set back could be waiting on other matters to be settled first

Although it does show lucrative financial decision-making will become possible later in 2022 this could be that it arrives through new resources or a new source of income opposed to that which you already have at your disposal.

Health and well-being

This year you will focus on areas in connection with your conscious and subconscious thinking and areas that are relative to your sensitivity. This could influence your emotional betterment, Mental and spiritual betterment which will then support your physical betterment.

Although the majority of 2022 could see health matters pertaining to someone close to you rather than yourself, this may be more so between the times of February 2022 and the time of November 2022 as you gain advice, professional services or see a specialist to accomodate.

You could find that for yourself there are some physical draining aspects of trying to maintain obligations therefore this may affect sensory areas in your own betterment and well-being.

You may need to be more focused on self care around February 2022 especially around the stomach, diet or personal environments.

April 2022 may influence issues with hips or problems around mobility. While July 2022 could have an impact on nervous system and lowers legs. All of which could have sensory or sensitive reactions.


This year opens the door to a new or refreshing approach to romantic and personal relationships. You could see this happen anywhere from the middle of 2022 however it appears that the latter parts of 2022 give you the most support where matters of the heart are concerned.

For those that are single and looking you may find a dynamic person enters your life just when you have gone through what you call a physical transformation. Although this may come through personal aspects of healing and the internal need to work on areas of yourself. It will appear as a physical transformation which illuminates attracting love.

This person will have a chemistry unlike anything you may have experienced before. It could have a very strong soul connection Which you see as an instant connection.

For those that are settled or in a stable relationship this year Gives you the opportunity in which to be able to open a new chapter or welcome a new stage of the relationship.

You see this as a time in which to be able to make mature decisions which will enable you a chance in which to experience what you believe is a deeper and more fulfilling understanding.

This could bring your relationship to another level such as lifestyle changes and commitments. For some it may influence a time of moving forward and closing off a chapter in life in which to embrace a new time of happiness.


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