Aries 2022 Yearly Tarotscopes

Updated: Feb 8

Overview of 2022

You will see this as a year in which, you will undergo many adjustments around the home, family, and financial areas within the first six months of 2022. This enables you to feel less limited and more productive in areas in which you are desiring to accomplish.

So, January and February 2022 bring the focus directly to the home and finances areas. You see this as an opportunity or perfect time in which to accumulate more or better manage home and financial responsibilities

You will feel a little stress around your personal life possibly as you try to dedicate this year towards working more on a career with perhaps specific goals and achievements within your sights. Therefore, the overall view of 2022 encourages you to stress less whilst learning to trust your decisions and purpose.

The more you choose to listen to your intuitive promptings the more successful you will be in areas in which give a stronger focus to push towards compatible and supportive foundations on which to continue to build upon throughout the whole of 2022

Home and Family

Money or financial matters will take priority. as you look closely at your earning capacity, income, and material needs. You may see this as a time of taking charge and creating a strong moral ground in which to be able to save and better invest.

This will also bring greater support to strengthen your decisions surrounding or connecting to the home and family. You could look for solutions in ways in which to lift where you may feel limited or restricted by circumstances or situations. Especially as you strive to create a stable, healthier atmosphere or living conditions in which to be able to grow and thrive.

Therefore you will find January and February 2022 a great time for adjustment along with April and May 2022. These months will influence another round of adjustments in which you may find yourself needing to be more flexible with trusting your instincts when it comes to changes within the home environment. This may include how you interact or deal with family/parents or even sensing a need to emotionally readjust yourself in which to be able to adapt to life changes.

Career and Goals

This year your ambitions are plentiful some of which you may secretly hold onto in hopes of being able to accomplish that which you deeply desire to obtain. You may see the first four months of 2022 opening areas in which to be able to bring in large readjustments around your career path or job situation. This could put you in a better position if you are seeking a promotion or a more prominent leadership role.

Consequently, for some, this could be an adjustment due to circumstances that may be influenced by health or health matters. This for example could mean working in a healthier environment or one that contributes to bringing in less stress or anxiety between that which you earn and how are you placed within your workplace.

February and March 2022 give you the chance in which to be able to look at long-term goals which could bring well-rounded advice or even a chance in which to receive good guidance and direction pertaining to your career path or goals. You see an opportunity in which to remove negative work habits and improve a healthier mindset around your path of success.


This year gives you a chance to prioritize incomes and your material well-being. You could see yourself taking charge as early as January and February 2022 to better align your financial obligations and financial prospects for the near future.

This could contribute to quite a large rethink and lead into the times of June July and August 2022. The chance to readjust your financial means in which to be comfortable or accommodate to living with a limited income while still saving or working towards to a structured budget enables you to fulfill with greater ease your financial priorities

As the focus is heavily set in financial areas you will have a chance in which to be able to alleviate stress and make a productive time of creating better financial stability throughout 2022. Not everything will be simple and easy however, you may find yourself looking around for and over options or prospects of loans or tidying up assets.

However, you will find quick decision making possibly around March and April 2022 enables you to be able to rectify or find supportive systems in which to be able to get your financial areas into a more balanced or harmonious time by the mid of 2022This is especially if you have financial debt which needs your immediate attention.

Health and Well-being

This year will influence much of your thinking and therefore you may find yourself spending time second-guessing or questioning if your commitment towards that which you once felt strongly about is still as vibrant.

You could see yourself experiencing times of feeling disconnected. Sometimes this could be due to external stress or feeling limited due to the inability to really voice your concerns

Although you may find the body quite resilient at times it will be January and February, March, April along with May and June 2022 you feel heightened with sensitivity around health matters.

You may need to take care of areas around your lower jaw and neck possibly the thyroid. You also have sensitivity around your lower legs and nervous system and hips thighs and sciatica.

This may lead to moments of feeling absent-minded or dealing with sudden or unexpected issues over your health - which may stem from stress and physical exertion or exhaustion.


This year love may take a bit of a back seat however, it is not off the table altogether. You may feel overly obligated with commitments that limit your chances for romance or focusing on your significant other- this especially may be more pronounced around January and February 2022 also again around the time of October and November 2022.

Consequently, you may feel limited personal expression due to feeling you don’t have enough time in which to be able to give quality and quantity to those who impact your emotional and social life due to work, family, or other obligations.

If you are single and looking then you may find that there are limited opportunity possibilities or you could feel that you’re not really ready for a solid commitment just yet.

However, it is possible you are in an environment or life cycle which only gives you a small window in which to be able to meet new people. This could mean that you are limited to around your neighborhood or you’re working environment or possibly because you have other obligations you find it very difficult to be able to make the time in which to date proactively or focus on a full-time romance.

But in saying this singles - you are working on your personal security, plans, and goals including material needs. Perhaps your thinking is given the opportunity in which to be more financially stable may enable you to bring something better or of substance to your personal relationship sector.

You will see this as a chance to rebuild the relationship with yourself whilst focusing on that which you can achieve or accomplish giving you a greater level of personal fulfilment and emotional satisfaction.

If you are in a well-established relationship or long term commitment then you may see this as your chance in which to be more proactive in sorting future plans and goals. Some of which may have not had the capabilities in previous months or years to manifest or happen.

You are beginning to recognise this is a time in which to be able to remove the pressure of external influences which may have tested your relationship or that which you have spent time trying to work through. This influence could relate to family or even siblings which could have taken up a majority of your energy, focus and time.

Therefore, you will spend the majority of 2022 tidying up aspects of your relationship and putting into place the necessary steps or foundations in which to be able to remove that which limits or does not promote healthy energy back into your relationship or personal areas.

As you crave the importance of what makes you happier or healthier as a couple or a unit. The more that you are willing to make adjustments the better this year will be around your personal relationship dynamics.