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Big Decisions: What to Expect for Libra in 2024

You are prompted to decide this year regarding what you think needs to improve. Up until now, you might have had trouble committing to things or finding solutions. However, you will receive the appropriate guidance, inspiration, and support to put things into perspective and produce outcomes.

You intend to let go of the past, welcome the present, and establish the necessary level of security to live a happy and unrestricted life.


Big Decisions: What to Expect for Libra in 2024

The utilisation of twelve separate Tarot cards, one for each of the twelve houses in Astrology, to provide a more thorough outlook on the potential course of this year.


"How you see yourself and how you want others to see you"

First house of physicality, self-expression, and self-image.


This year, you take the initiative to grab opportunities to step up and help with important decisions that will impact your relationships with your family, your house, and your job. It could show itself as something you believe has been difficult for you in the past, and you choose to take your time to investigate ways to get support from others to make things right.

It's vital to recognise your limitations and exercise self-control from this vantage point before attempting to solve every issue. You will think about the interactions you have and the reactions you get from others. This will give you the opportunity to see that, with mutual support, everyone concerned can work together to achieve equality.

"What you value and consider brings you security and stability"

Second house of income, self-worth, and physical possessions.


Reevaluating your income, assets, and material net worth may be necessary this year. Because you are currently unsure of the complete impact of your financial situation, you may be even more careful about making commitments. It would be wise for you to refrain from taking unnecessary risks with your cash but if you do have to spend money make sure you investigate everything carefully.  

Just as there are pros and cons to making money by choosing wisely and investigating areas you can't see are necessary you discover potential gains and pitfalls. Having all the necessary information at your disposal will help you spot greater opportunities or chances to earn several incomes from investments and working capital.

"How you think, communicate and what's important to your immediate environment"

Third house, which governs siblings, neighborhood, short distance travel correspondence, and technology.


This year, you give serious thought to what you need and how you want to communicate your ideas and emotions. Consider this an opportunity to assess your sources of inspiration and determine where your energies are most effectively directed.

You are keeping an eye on when is the optimum time to act or when it would be best to wait since you don't want a situation to spiral out of hand. It could be that you need to have a difficult talk or that you occasionally have trouble getting others to listen.

This could show up as an excess worry over money or spending, obligations to your family, or setting up the necessary frameworks to ensure that you have all you need to make sound judgements about the near future.

" What foundations you seek to nurture "

Fourth house, which represents the home, family, heritage, and mother or significant parent.


You feel imaginative and enthusiastic about exploring your home, the area you live in, and the atmosphere you desire to make your own into more this year. You recognise investing your energy in something that inspires you means you are keen to get things started.

You might, nevertheless, have a strong longing for independence and freedom at home. This tug-of-war may lead you to search for means of obtaining what you desire while maintaining the idea that you must create what you consider necessary.

As a result, you might choose that it's time to make even more changes, such as relocating or focusing more on changes to family life. It's probable that you or one of your family members will think about relocating overseas as travel is a major influence. 

"What brings you pleasure and passion in pursuing"

Fifth house, which is associated with children, creativity, and passion.

QUEEN OF CUPS reversed

This year, you're having trouble balancing your expectations and feelings. When it comes to your personal passions, you can discover that you are sensitive and in need of validation or reassurance. You sense past setbacks coming back at you, making you completely doubt what you know you can achieve.

Still, this is a reminder to keep your emotions under control. Reviewing what you must do and deciding what is important to you to cultivate and achieve concerning your commitments could just require one step first or come down to a single decision.

It's time to adjust your expectations and determine whether what you want is still a viable choice.

This could influence your hobbies, romantic relationships, and creativity. You can waver between the benefits and drawbacks, overanalyzing the situation or worrying excessively that things might not be moving forwards as quickly as you would want or that commitments or plans are taking longer to manifest.

You are going to eventually stop concentrating on your concerns and self-doubt and realise that maybe this is an opportunity for something better to come about.

"What serves you best in your purpose, wellbeing, and betterment"

Sixth house, which is related to wellbeing, routines, and working relationships.


This year presents you with the chance to forge a whole new route, open a new chapter, or experience the end of an era and the start of another. This year is a good year to launch your own business because it will grow and thrive. Collaborating with colleagues can indicate having achieved a significant undertaking that is going to attract a new position, title, or job. 

You should anticipate success in the areas that will help you grow, be receptive to new experiences, and possess the capacity to feel content with all you are doing to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. This means that everything you have been dreaming of is going to happen. You now know more about the person you are, your path, and your role in the world.

Health and wellbeing highlights areas connected to fertility, pregnancy, and conception. This may see surprise or unexpected developments around a pregnancy - regardless of whether you have been trying to have a family or not. Great news for those trying or planning - and for others it may be reflective of the family dynamics.

Some people need to be mindful that you could be so focused on what motivates you to achieve your goals or fulfil your purpose that you can be prone to overworking or overtaxing your energy.

"How you connect, engage and partner with others"

Seventh house, which is related to relationships, agreements, and commitments.


This year shows that you've come to the realisation that all relationships require work and you will develop strategies and techniques to ensure the success of both your personal and professional relationships.

You will undoubtedly review all your agreements and obligations to determine how much effort and attention they individually need. This also holds true for your objectives and aspirations, particularly for self-improvement and any sacrifices you would have to make to keep things going.

To uphold your ideal in this regard, you might need to strike a balance between standing firm for what you need from yourself and encouraging others to give you what you want to achieve.

When it comes to your personal contentment and what you believe you deserve, there is no room for compromise.

If you're single, you consider how important it is to have a genuine relationship. One in which the two partners collaborate to solve issues together. You want a partner who shares your beliefs and will encourage the relationship to evolve so that it can continue to be strong and successful over time.

You might decide that this year is the right one to knock down a few walls, meet more people, and dare to be socially adventurous. It is especially important to have someone who understands you and speaks at the same level as you. You're not going to give up on what you genuinely want in life or your happiness just for anyone.

If you're in a relationship, you and your partner are at a point in your relationship this year where you feel ready to make a significant move that will alter both your lives and the future course of your relationship. It's likely that you're considering popping the question or indicating to your significant other that you're prepared to go forwards, which could have a beneficial impact on your partnership and the objectives you both want to support.

"What you seek to accumulate and need to transform"

Eighth house, which is responsible for transformation, intimacy, and other people's money and possessions.


This year, it's all about planning and implementing. Now that you are aware of your true goals and abilities, you are ready to move outside of your comfort zone and look for the most up-to-date information.

You already have an idea of your goals and what you want out of life. You've worked hard to bring them to this point, and you know exactly what you want to achieve with moving forward.

You will feel comfortable and secure with your money, so you won't have to worry about it too much. You stand to gain more if you already own an investment property, have a sizeable amount saved, or are considering reinvesting, and are committed to long-term goals.

However, Opportunities are that come to you are quite solid, and can easily support your decisions with how you want your financial situation and long-term financial planning to pan out.

"What gives you opportunity to grow and explore"

Ninth house, which is responsible for overseas travel, higher learning, and beliefs.


This year, to maximise your chances of achieving your goals in a more advantageous manner, you must shift your perspective and acquire the appropriate guidance, support, or counsel. You might reflect on your previous behaviour, your thoughts, or your feelings over what you have done. What you could have done differently or should have done.

You are becoming more knowledgeable and will recognise the things that you should know right away. Rather than being fooled or ignoring the warning signs, you will learn how to make better plans and strategies to set yourself up more successfully to accomplish your objectives.

"How your career, achievements, and social standing are achieved"

Tenth house of ambitions, career, and public image.


You have a lot of options and opportunities to think about this year in terms of your career, goals, and desires. You might need to make a business decision, be considering launching your own venture, or be considering leaving your stable career to seek a new one, but you may have to wait a brief period as everything is still up in the air.

You may be managing numerous tasks at work and balancing two things at once, such as you're schooling and working. Since this is a busier time than usual, last-minute obligations or responsibilities may be handed to you. You may suddenly be asked to step into a role or a coworker's job because of something unforeseen.

Therefore, you will need to remind yourself of the importance of good boundaries such as striking a balance between your personal and professional objectives, which may benefit you in the interim.

"How you aspire to belong, your hopes, friendships, and common interests"

Eleventh house of friendships, groups, and interests.


This year, your main goals should be independence, letting go of anxiety and tension, and facing some challenging realities about friendships, organisations, or situations where you have put a lot of effort into meeting other people's expectations. You are regaining some of your own self-empowerment, strengthening your self-belief, and ignoring criticism to be your own person.

You may feel upbeat, knowledgeable, and assured about what to do next. This will allow you to refocus on attracting new people who are enthusiastic and in agreement with you, or on bringing in a fresh social circle. Your ability to let go and open yourself to wide-ranging social networks and shared pursuits will bring engaging and interesting friends making you popular among your peers. 

"What is your collective unconscious, dreams, intuition, and spiritual connection"

Twelfth house, which governs dreams, intuition, deep subconscious, and secrets.


You are about to embark on a trip that will lead you to discover your true purpose and intention. This year offers a powerful message of spiritual awakening. You'll consider and evaluate what you've learned from your past experiences. Enabling you to fully appreciate the importance of the decisions and choices you will be making from this point forwards.

This year offers you the chance to face the truth of what you need to admit, let go of, and heal in order to take steps towards conscious transformation and prepare for change to leave the past or old subconscious self behind.

Therefore, you will acknowledge this by making a major decision that will change your life and necessitate you to have faith in your judgement and intuition that what you choose to do is right or for the better good.


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