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Cancer 2021 Tarotscopes

What Does 2021 hold for Cancer

THE DEVIL reversed

This year will focus on letting go of the old and letting yourself open to the new. This may not be as simple as closing one door in favour of another. However, with a little convincing you may see this as an op tune time to embrace change for the better.

The energy that will influence much of your mid set will come through feeling you can no longer keep the same level of commitment to areas that will not move forward. This will include how you view your goals, passion and possibly career. However, the choices you make will affect all aspects of your life.

This is a year to focus more on what is better for you in areas of your well being. If cutting away at dead end areas gives you the freedom to embrace new opportunities and redirect your life. Then you will see greater benefits and abundant personal growth in doing such.


This year brings many invitations and messages all involving the home and family. You will see yourself proactive in keeping in touch and abreast of that which keeps everyone involved. The home is abuzz with plans that require you to be flexible and open to change.

You may see March 2021 through to July 2021 as the perfect time spend extra time investing into repairs, purchases/sales or announcements which bring an element of surprise but a welcoming result. It appears its all about keeping everything positive and supportive where the home and family is concerned.


Career and personal goals will take a bit of a hit especially within the first five months of 2021. There is dramatic change that may arise giving you much thought and reason to step back. You may see this as situation that brings up some unforgiving or unrealistic arguments that affect your ability to continue. Perhaps someone or something you felt was happening or about to happen hits home sooner than you like.

However, you don't walk away without something in your pocket or up your sleeve. You just realise its not worth staying in a situation that can no longer manifest the satisfaction your need to feel complete. You will have some encouraging support however, come July and August 2021 which shows you that the choices you make will be worth it.

A bitter sweet time, yet one that will give way to a better opportunity ahead. This is what you may need to remind yourself as you close a chapter and start a new page.


Money matters may not feel in your control at first however, this may come through events or challenges which change incomes or usual personal security. You appear to be replacing items, incomes and material investments which could leave you feeling a little fearful of future financial reliability.

The types of changes arriving will produce a new outlook on long term security. Therefore if you are selling the family home or leaving your regular or consistent income - its the change in your daily circumstances which will affect your nerves even if in reality you are just transitioning to now rely on different resources.

You may feel you do not have a say in how the money is earned or spent but you will receive the benefits that come for the decisions you make between May and August 2021.


This year is the emotional roller coaster that may set you into a spin rather than a major health complaint. However, this can affect your moods, thinking and life quality if left unchecked. You could be prone to bouts of depression, anxiety or emotional eating/self medicating if you let matters get out of hand.

December 2020 leading into January 2021 could bring up some vulnerability in your emotional wellbeing. This could also rise again in July and August 2021 before you find yourself addressing some of your subconscious fears and break the cycle.


Relationships and personal connections will be based off the level of support you gain from others. You may find encouraging words, support groups or family taking a strong lead in building your confidence when it comes to your interactions.

You will see this as a time of developing new friendships or recreating the importance of people in your life which bring enriching values and positively align with that you take pride in sharing or giving to others. This is perfect for building self esteem and self expression.

You may see February and March along with July and August 2021 highlight personal areas and relationships. This will be significant especially in times of support, advice and personal growth. You may find yourself sharing much about yourself or recognising a part of you that has not had a chance to open in some while.

Romance is not limited this year. However, you will find yourself focusing on belonging to the more than just a relationship. You seek family, friendships and bonds to enrich your commitments and happiness as well.

Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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