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Cancer 2023

Tarot Cards designed by Carolyn CLairvoyant
Cancer 2023 Tarotscopes

Hello Cancer what does this year hold for you?

Cancer the first thing that you do have around you is the “King of Wands” which is it's all about utilising aspects of buying, selling, marketing, or even communication/agreements. This year is about being able to get situations into a point where you feel that you can take back some of that energy and spend a more relaxed year. Maybe you are looking at this time to be able to make some very big changes including around your financial areas and areas that you have invested energy into changing.

You may see this begin to manifest as soon as March and April however, it is June, July and back to December of 2023 that the long-term results start to speak for themselves. So, a busy time coming up as you are planning as this is the time in which to get things moving and into place for the long term.

The home and the family – it is with patience that you gather the greatest results by keeping everything in the present moment, or dealing with each day as it happen when it comes to the home and the family.

This year is all about trusting choices and decisions, looking at this time as being more independent. Don't give in to doubts, you may be finding it's a bit of a solo run especially, for those that are clearing out the house, becoming empty nesters or making changes around the home.

So this year is about being able to spend the time and energy in a more productive way by trying not to become stuck on ideas or areas that become a bigger burden or a bigger price tag for you. This is about prioritising that which you believe that you can achieve through the changes you will employ.

Career, goals and aspirations - this year brings in a very strong time of personal reflection with all or nothing attitude. Basically, you look to areas in your career, goals and aspirations that are changing now and also can govern the next three years as well.

You may worry about the external pressure or stress that could make you feel a little bit emotional about your choices. Yet, at the end of the day - situations will balance out .An exceptional time for you to really open up your knowledge, your desire for more information, and training. Look at ways in which to restructure so that you can put yourself into a better position that supports your career goals and aspirations.

Look at July and August and also around about the time of November and December 2023. These months highlight very important moments when you will actually be able to see those results come through quicker or faster. Not only from your career perspective but also financially.

Financially - you could be a little bit unsettled the first three months of 2023. You could feel a little bit uncertain about where you're going with money matters and how things are going to pan out before everything settles down.

You have offers or opportunities sitting around giving you and a chance in which to be able to rebalance or restructure your money/income. This gives you the chance to get back to where you feel a little bit more at peace with circumstances around you financially as you reflect on how you have worked through similar finances situations in the past.

So, 2023 gives you an opportunity to look at putting down the right foundations in which to be able to keep the long-term stability around your money. This year focused on building the supports and meeting that financial criteria and meeting those goals.

This is a put your head down and bum up to make sure that you accomplish this. And, you can do it with a greater confidence, if you can put things into perspective early on in the year and get through that unsettling period.

Health and well-being – “the Queen of Cups” This card represents the mother. So, it comes up around the mother or areas that you need to nurture a little bit better. This is the fourth house which is ruled by Cancer. That means not the the disease cancer, but the star sign Cancer.

You will find the focus is not only on creating a better home or looking at the betterment of the home but, also about nutrition, nurturing and support. So, you could be looking at ways in which to be able to better support, better nurture your own lifestyle.

If you are a female or you are looking to have children. This is a mother card or the mother bearing child card. So therefore, you may be finding children or family become very significant. This could mean a significant female or mother figure could be a cause of concerns around health. It could just mean that you are really focusing on where you can nurture better in your own life or maybe you are focusing on a parent in some form of decision making.

Relationships – “the Lovers” card now, this is all about love. Don't you love that with cancer? love is in the air so, you find this is a very harmonious time around matters of the heart. You also see this as a chance in which to be able to move through anything that has once been blocking and see this as a time of very strong positives.

Great for those that are single and looking because, you will be finding yourself clearing the way by introducing into your mix, new people, new environments and new circumstances. All of which, enable you to make better, clearer choices. You may find yourself quite surprised at the developments around relationships especially between March, July and August.

If you are in a stable and committed relationship you put your thinking cap on as you are looking at your relationship and how to be more proactive. You are looking at ways in which you can be multi-focused, multitasking so as at the end of the day, it is to get things into a better order.

This is where you are looking at channeling energy into a more “time” in which you can look at where you can be more aligned, functioning rather than dysfunctional when it comes to your personal life.

So, in the relationship area, expect lots of changes to happen but, surprisingly it is showing that it is going to be worth it with greater recognition to bring a rewarding time. All the transitions that come up in the meantime, to show you what you can accomplish where your relationship and personal areas are concerned to be happy.




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