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Capricorn 2021 Tarotscopes

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This year brings surprising outcomes which can govern much of your decision making, lifestyle and future plans. You appears to have a chance to start over. This may arrive through events or planning in the home, career or even your choice of social connections.

You wish to walk more along the lines of opportunities in which to step outside of your normal routines and for most this will include a 360 degree turn around in some part of your life that impacts greatly on leaving the old for the new. Expect March 2021 through to November 2021 to open stages of change.

You see this as one foot in front of the other, opening doors and testing new waters. You could also see this as a chance to cutaway at past issues which may finally be ready to be solved or healed. Whatever it may be there is a strong influence of surprise or expecting this year to present with unexpected results..


2021 will bring many changes to how you live your life and those which you include to be present. You may see this as changing homes, family leaving home or perhaps making decisions to give yourself more personal freedom from obligation.

This year gives many opportunities for travel, seeing life in a new and more dynamic way as you become vigilant in accepting more time on your hands to do that which you wish to become more involved. January 2021 through to August 2021 will give you the greatest of such influences. However, October 2021 may bring a few unexpected questions around family and siblings especially if waiting on others to give input into decisions or waiting on family to come to conclusive agreements.

As nothing will be clearcut, therefore some of your own thoughts may base around what others may decide is best for them. Whatever this may be you will still look at this as a time of change that embraces letting go of the old and bringing through a more fluent time of personal liberation.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 enable motivated changes. These arrive through more opportunities to move up the ladder, create and facilitate plans in which to take your career ambitions or goals in a new direction that is consistent with your lifestyle. As travel will feature strongly this may well mean working more for yourself or becoming more mobile in your work commitments. Giving or affording your a broader range in which to accomplish that which you may see as a future prospective target.

On a more menial level you may gain a company car or other fringe benefits. On a more personal level this may give you a chance to dabble and enjoy a more productive time of moving between secure work to a more relaxed time of self motivation especially from June through to August 2021.

However, the first six month of 2021 will have an influence which moves you towards making profound choices in which to see further goals manifest partially due to past years efforts.


Monetary and material decisions will come through as quickly as March 2021 as you take the opportunity to look over your future investments. You could land a healthy and well thought out deal giving you insight into incomes and financial returns which could bring long term results.

Often this implies a contract or agreement which promises deals struck or entered bring a payout or prospective bonus along with financial payments in the interim. This can be very auspicious for those who are signing contracts that involve career, property or investments.

March, June and September 2021 show bonuses and financial growth and long term prospects delivering great insight and results.


This year will give you better luck with health matters. You may see this as a time of opportunity in which to get on top of any health issues and qualifying for medical treatments sooner than expected. This may come through alternative means such as jumping the queue, seeking medical or health treatments overseas or trying an alternative which works wonders.

Given that 2021 is opening the door to a year of personal freedom - this could imply you reach certain goals which give you more chance to get health into order and yourself out enjoying life more so. The months connected to the Spring season appear to greatly influence changes for the better with health matters.

However, take care when it comes to older relatives health, and for you the skin, swelling or healing wounds which may need extra time to mend due to recovery time. But, as you have good fortune around health this may only be a small hiccup rather than a deep issue.


Relationships and personal connections will be mainly focusing on support and longevity. You may see this as spending time with the older generation or being or becoming a parent significant. You will not have time for short and sweet as you look to find security and more stability in personal matters.

March and April 2021 appear to be the strongest months standing out around your personal obligations and needs. Therefore, this may be the months you make decisions which could involve agreements and contracts governing some level of control. For some you may take power of attorney, for others you may implement agreements and long term commitments.

This year will highlight many aspects of life through changes implemented in the home and career. Therefore you could see this as initiating levels of support to maintain a serious relationship. This may imply you marry a long term partner or enter into a relationship that proposes long term happiness. Take the next level of planning a family, supporting family or welcoming new family members.

Either way you can see your choices will lead to removing limiting factors and enjoying time in which you sense the sanctity of well formed, healthy relationships and friendships matter or become essential in the now and future.

Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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