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Capricorn 2023

Capricorn what does 2023 have in store for you?

The first thing influencing your year is you ability to restore your faith in people and situations around you. You have good luck so backing yourself in areas of your life where you can start to restore that balance or restore that faith is important.

A highlight on friendships and belonging to certain institutions or connecting with people that create that type of energy that you are looking to connect is significant. This is very important, especially around January and February you strive for contentment.

The home and family – a year build on a strong time of compromise especially as you move through working on alleviating the stress that is around. Outside influences really pulling on your resources, energy and time.

You are channeling this through recognising how people and situations or events are taking up much more of your time and your energy leaving you little to no time to focus on your own needs or goals.

However, as you pull back your energy and give attention to the home and family areas and opportunity presents to sort the home. In this time of transition an opportunity for travel in the spring may manifest sweetening the dedication to get life into order.

 In the meantime, it is about sorting everything including budgets and finances. Sorting out where and how to make the home more stable.

Career, goals and aspirations – the “Seven of Pentacles”represents teaching, training and facilitating new skills. The learning structure could lead to higher knowledge – university/college or working towards certifications and degrees.

You are sowing the seeds for the future by looking at what you have in your skills, your attributes and your training, and how to make the best of this through future life experiences to be better qualified.

This year is taking you in a direction that is very fulfilling for you with opening up areas in which you are capable in setting up better career experience and working goals. An opportunity could bring you into roles working with children or something that has been very close to your heart since childhood

For those planning family or where children are an important factor especially as this year supports manifesting results in the home and family dynamics.

Finances – You start the year unsure where your commitments are around finances. However you need to look at the opportunities in front of you and see where you can better take advantage of these.

When you put your thinking cap on you find workable financially solution putting you in a much better position. Dealings with contracts, agreements and financial discussions lead to important decisions.

I do believe by the mid of the year that you should have a great resolution and the outcome as you can see it is “the lovers” card, which reminds you that your head and your heart have really been torn between what is the logical approach logic and that which you feel is emotionally right. You will make the right decisions and as the “lovers” predict you will love the outcome.

Health and well-being - we are dealing with “the Tower” here which generally rules Mars. Mars rules inflammations and tension, arguments, frustrations and headaches.

You may find a lot of tension or topics that you can't talk about because, it is the wrong conversation to have at the wrong time. Therefore, you find yourself going through these temperamental phases. 

Watch out for inflammation and aches and pains when under stress. Watch out for areas in which you may be finding yourself losing your patience, a short fuse leading to unsettling times in health and well being.

Come March and April a majority of that which is influencing your temperament or health will being to settle – however it may take a bit of tolerance or patience in the mean time.

Relationships - Look when is the right timing? You know this so, if you are single and looking, you may find yourself spending a lot of time on your appearance. You are trying to find the right match. By putting yourself out there in the dating pool. However, you feel like asking yourself if not now the when is the right timing?

This could be due to every time you do, nothing seems to manifest. Well something is going on behind the scenes. You will be noticed and because, of this may be a time in which you may be practicing a little bit of patience as you work your way through and around your social and emotional well-being.

I do believe that somebody is going to pop out of the woodwork which should be a positive. This person may help you to better understand or clarify your own emotional needs and feelings. I feel that this person is sitting there, it's just about them making themselves known.

If you are in a stable and committed relationship, this year encourages personal freedom with trusting the decisions make and the plans to move your personal goals to the next level. This year hopes you to recognise the frustrations or challenges you need to move on from or let go to find happier resolutions.



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