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December 2019 Awakening Inspirational Minds

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

As soon as the 9th of December Mercury shifts into Sagittarius the sign of higher knowledge, education long distance travel and Philosophy. The mercury retrograde in Scorpio, the month prior demanded change and transformation, the lifting of old patterns and attractions to make way for the more freedom loving optimistic open mind of Sagittarius to beam through.

Although, testing your insight of perception and understanding you will glide through a time of seeing the perspectives of others or life lessons in a much higher or broader way. Even the way you source your connection and communication with others will challenge new found knowledge and psychological interpretation.

The desire to explore, travel or experience new and interesting subjects will be strong. You will find a flurry of energy that takes you from one life experience to another sometimes with lightening speed of comprehension and foresight, other times with the thirst for more stimulation and interest.

You could find yourself speaking without thinking or creating a topical conversation swapping from one thought to another as you delve the depths of gaining a prospectus on whatever your energy is drawn to lavish and indulge.

Foreign shores or different cultures draw you to open your mind and knowledge to wanting to know more. You could even find the lure of living in another country, studying long distanceor meeting someone who is very different to yourself is exciting.

Whatever it takes you are open to the taking it all in. This is fantastic for those entering higher education or choosing a gap year. The desire to be apart of something more stimulates your energy to want to be apart of something more. Perhaps the philosphical influence opens a more intuitive, deeper understanding or chance to see how realistic and practicality can bring formidable change and structure.

Angelic Messages


You may be embracing a time of major shifts and challenges in most areas of our life. However, these transitions will bring support and encouragement toward trusting everything will work out for the best.

Have faith, stay focused and enable a willingness to let go and transform the areas which require change in energy. Allow yourself to accept new patterning, understanding or a change.

All of which is aligning you with your true purpose and path toward fulfilment and personal satisfaction. These very changes bring support and guidance to immediate personal connections. You are awakening a time of greater self love and nurturing which will reflect onto others and the importance of positive aligned relationships, friendships and social interactions.

You will manifest improvements in your life, achieve important milestones and goals. You will open yourself to letting go of old systematic patterns whilst embracing new concepts and beliefs.


I have some new events and workshops happening for 2020. One is most precious and a very dedicate work or self discovery.

“Your life purpose is to give your life reason, a meaning. That reason or meaning is to give your life a purpose. “

When we look at how the soul involves and what is involved with the souls of evolution we begin to better understand our journey in this particular life time and help past life experiences have impacted that which will be better understood in this life time.

This is a journey each of us will take through to the time of our conception to the time of our nonexistence in this life time. there are no right or wrong reasonings just theories behind the souls journey . you may find yourself reading many different materials and following many different theories and philosophies on the subject.

However the purpose of this workshop and discussion is to open and explore information that can be beneficial to those who are wanting to discover more about the purpose of the soul in this lifetime and the journey in which that soul will undertake through many lessons and personal experiences.

To register your interest or book your place - Visit Souls Journey Event - Saturday 7th of March 2020 - Red Earth Natural Healing. Centre , Dubbo NSW - Costs - $150 pp

May your holiday and festive time be alive with wonderful changes, beautiful memories and amazing people. Stay safe, share your hospitality and prepare for a time in which the new year approaches with many new experiences to be explored.

Love from my family to yours! Xx Cosmic Hugs xX

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