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December 2020 Tarotscopes



This month Aries your focus will be on stepping out of your usual routines and allowing yourself to enjoy the moment. You may decide perfect time to move location, change job or set an agenda that will be of great importance around your personal life. Aries you are feeling its time to make that shift or move and as you get closer to what you feel is right - you will not hesitate in making the “leap of faith” .


This month Taurus enables you to dig a little deeper and to find some answers. You may feel that you are the centre of a situation but no one is really saying much to indicate what truly is happening. Therefore your energy to pry and investigate or uncover information will be strong. Taurus you may need to guard yourself against a few unwarranted or awkward moments just in case you put your foot in it.


This month Gemini you will see yourself up against superiors, government protocols or even dealings with contracts and people who generate important decisions or oversee outcomes. This may be a time you source support, enter a time of serious decision making or just honour the rules which are there to guide you along. Gemini as the emperor is generally a male dominated energy expect dealings with males to be imperative to your decision making.


This month Cancer communication, partnerships and finding a harmonious time of connecting will be important. You may find yourself at certain events that fair well, meet new people that click or enter into deals which could leave you feeling strongly supported. Cancer your biggest asset is your voice and therefore what you say and how you say it will favour or sweeten the outcomes to want.


This month Leo we can all have something we regret or feel could have been handled differently. This month highlights some raw and possibly unforgiving moments in which words or actions could lead to an outpouring of drama. There is only hope that in this moment situations will find a calm and sense will prevail. Leo you can choose to move on, let it go or find a more reasonable solution to overcome what could be frustrating and uncertain.


This month Virgo will open the door to a favourable or well earned outcome. As the vibration favours victories and positive results you may find it hard to put a foot wrong. However, with all this positivity you may see this as a chance to move forward on plans and reach important milestones. Virgo, its finally all about getting what you want and finding a harmonious way to enjoy it.


This month Libra will see abundant decisions bringing many well deserving results. This includes finances, career or even home and family goals. You have no problem with accumulating that which you require or need and therefore your ability to secure the right deals will be important. Libra this year is almost through but you have a celebration or surprise you are looking forward to embracing for 2021 coming from what you decide upon no.


This month Scorpio your home, family , mother or children will all focus. You find comfort in the people in your life. Harmony in your plans and most importantly you see changes you wish to embrace bringing you joy in home and lifestyle. Scorpio, as females will play an important role in your month this may bring exciting news or a special celebration for a female that is close to you.


This month Sagittarius everything will change. The way you think, the way you live your life, the way you plan your next move or steps. You see this as a time of moving through a time in which you felt suspended or lax into a time of changes that bring new directions in life. Sagittarius this may imply a career change, personal change or an even that will bring the need for change to manifest.


This month Capricorn you find a creeping on internal doubts or fears surfacing. This may bring up a few insecurities or unsettling moments. However in hindsight you may see that which you are worried about is not as difficult as it may appear in that moment. Capricorn you will see as you let go and move more freely on plans and personal decisions that this month manifests some positive outcomes to embrace.


This month Aquarius you sense a time of standing up for that which you believe to be true or right. You will find yourself holding back and being protective of that which you feel is important to support. This could include private matters, personal plans or taking a stance to protect your better interests. Aquarius this could bring you some hot and cold moments however, you are determined to stand by that which you feel is important to you regardless.

PISCES - THE SUN reversed

This month Pisces you see a bubbling on issues that may need you deeper focus or attention to solve. You may have swept past a few of these in thinking it would settle itself. However, there is a chance you may need to re-address a matter involving a family member to gain a better perspective. Pisces something is creating an undercurrent of unease however, you are better armed with knowledge on how to get around such matters this time

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