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December 2020 What Does It Hold?

Given that this month will hold a few interesting events. it may bring with it a chance for you to fully reflect on that which is to come as much as that which is to be left behind.

Your mood may feel sensitive, intuitively tapping into that which requires a steady hand to deal. The bubbling of past errors or limiting patterns surfaces bringing reform and conscious effort through a willingness to embrace a broader lifestyle change.

This is the chance to commence exploring that which motivates you to spread your wings and fly higher than you ever did before.

December 2020 is all about learning more about what you want and who you are. A highly reflective soul searching time which may see a drawing towards the more spiritual or metaphysical realms for answers. All of which illuminates conscious awakening and shifts already happening deep within.

The urge to want to explore unchartered waters, learn more or better understand the way life is unfolding will open new platforms of personal growth. You could decide it is time to do a course, upgrade your skills or be a part of a group that encourages you to become more knowledgeable about a subject.

You see this as your chance to gain a footing, finding a more rewarding effort focusing on your talents, skills, knowledge or even recognition of the hard road already travelled to get to where you feel confident to set a higher target and reach goals.

Your career, goals or ambitions bring greater possibilities which can enable you to take a step up and finding yourself very busy and in demand. You will not lack opportunity or prosperity if you are willing to undergo changes in which to embrace something more worthwhile.

If you are in business or being job hunted, you are sort out because of your expertise and dedication to hard work.

Financially this is a good month that brings you rewards from efforts you have put in months earlier. The chance to see fortunate deals struck or manifest success through talks or meetings which may have been delayed - now shows promise of eventuating.

You will feel equipped in making wise choices which best serve your future. This is your chance to feel a deep sense of personal success and gratitude for that which possibly took a strong path of perseverance to gain.

Personally, under this vibration, December 2002 brings enormous energy to demand your attention towards your inner and outer self, in what and who are you truthfully.

Relationships and friendships may feel scattered or tense as you look for a healthy balance. Your inner focus will become more centred around your own life purpose and how the connection with others may have influenced or impacted your choices or life path.

You may need to overcome feelings of loneliness, or feeling indifferent to the world around you as if you don’t belong or feel fully accepted.

You may struggle or find difficultly in balancing your own inner thoughts and feelings especially, for those who may be still working on healing a relationship or friendship that has tested the boundaries over time. You might feel frustrated over the expectations placed upon you or the lessons, you may have endured in such situatons.

However, it is in this experience you will be encouraged to learn, understand and gather the tools in which to heal, learn more about the self and gain a pearl of formidable wisdom derived from such experiences. it is now time to honour your true sense of self.

December 2020 give an opportunity to develop a faith in your own abilities, to recognise your needs and to be more self-aware. To be empowered by that which enables you to shine in your own light. Opposed to the conditioning of relying on the opinions or approval of others. This is a time to discover, uncover and embrace the real you.

The key to finding balance arises through much of the energy of this month. Nothing is lost, dreams come true and life becomes possibilities that step into accomplishments. All of which begins with you.

May you have a safe and healthy holiday season. Thank you for your support throughout 2020. We have been tested, we have been strong and we have made it through some of the biggest moments together. Thank you for connecting and sharing your energy each and every day, week, month and year.

From my family to yours - May you have a prosperous, happy and beautiful Christmas. Xx Cosmic Hugs xX

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