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Gemini 2021 Tarotscopes

What Does 2021 hold for Gemini


This year will focus on working around areas which have created emotional unrest. You may see this as your chance to work on your emotional betterment, mental or physical health or personal relationships which influence your moods and temperament.

You will be seeing yourself through many changes which will not be easy. However, the more you open yourself to change the better it will become. These changes could influence your lifestyle, home, friendships and personal identity. The way you perceive yourself through others and how you may have created a wedge by not allow yourself to be open to introducing new people or situations into your life.

Now come March 2021 through to May 2021 you will focus on restoring your goals, finding new interests and removing limiting or restrictive patterns to embrace a new year with a new outlook.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 bring new and positive directions through new experiences. You will see a new opportunity to advance into a changing and motivating time of exploring a greater sense of freedom. This could be highlighted through two very specific career paths aligning or juggling study and work. Whatever it implies it brings a transition between two areas enabling you to move forward successfully.

Money may be a strong motivator however, it will not be the main reason. You will find the times of March through to November 2021 as a chance to live your dreams or begin the steps to reach the heights of personal goals with ease. It will not be as difficult as you think but, it will require flexibility and focus to achieve.

Travel, new education and new horizons fill your path of career. You find purpose in sticking to what gives you the confidence to accomplish even if at first it feels very different to previous experience. This is you chance to propel forward and try something new or accept an chance to do something you know deep down will be right for you and your future.


You have got to love this year when it comes to material reward and finances. Money will come to you in every direction giving you the chance to build upon future plans and give you the foundations towards success. You could see this as reaching money goals such as purchasing a home, a car or a large ticket item. This can include education, benefits or loans to support higher edification or similar.

As you will be transitioning between your usual home and lifestyle. You may see travel as a big highlight in your spending or financial agreements. This could see plans manifesting to travel overseas, abroad or long distance as exciting bonuses with the funds to support.

December 2020 through to January 2022 bring you good financial vibrations. Money which will arrive through family, your passions and your endeavours. Luck could play a part however, you are happy to work towards goals with seeing the reward worth your effort also.


This year your health is more focused on who you are and that which identifies with your beliefs. This implies a time of changing mindsets and adjusting your thinking to be more flexible. You may find January through to March 2021 your focus is a little waning as you move through many thoughts or ideas but not capable of sticking to one or the other.

This may create a sense of emotional uncertainty, a few tears and tantrums before you work through the reality of situations. You could find you are temperamental, jealous or delving into fears and insecurities as you work on re-establishing friendships or where you feel you belong.

However, come May through to November 2021 you will have found yourself again with a confidence that enables you to shine more brightly. Take care of mental exhaustion, eye sight and hormones which may be part of triggering anxiety through over thinking during low times.


Relationships form through exciting plans and new experiences. As you may find yourself in a highly social time this will bring many different opportunities to develop personal and interpersonal connections.

You may see friends become lovers and lovers become friends as some may say. Perhaps the bonds that bring you together brings a happy spin on how you connect through similar interests and rekindle moments that bring joy.

You will find the “Spring” months highlight a hive of activity around love matters. Celebrations and personal commitments bring you into a time of light hearted and interesting events drawing you towards enjoying an abundant time in matters of the heart which will flow through the year.

​Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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