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It Runs In The Family

How did you know you had the gift? is one of the most common questions I am asked. When did you realise you were psychic or clairvoyant? Do you see dead people? or statements such as "Ï bet your kids got away with nothing having a mum like you, you would know everything!"

Well, to tell you the truth - we all have THE gift, (everyone, every person you know) only some of us are more highly tuned or sensitive. We all will have times in our lives in which, we predict or sense or know something before it happens. it's not a gifted few selected with intuition, we all have it.

Some may use it and some may choose not. Some may dabble for fun and others carve a career or path from it. " You don't choose "THE Gift" it chooses you!" I joke, but seriously deep down this is true. Each person will have some degree of a gift, no two the same even if each person does the same type of work. how you receive it, acknowledge or perceive the messages will have various degrees of difference to each individual.

How each will discover their own gift - can be exactly the same way. Some may have a traumatic event which unlocks their gift. Another may just fall into it whilst another may train and open it from many different mentors or discoveries of experience.

But, regardless of how, when or why it evolves - we all have the gift. ever heard someone say " I knew not to take that street that something was not right" or "I had a weird feeling about that person" or simply "I had a dream about that just last night!".

The gift finds a way in which, to connect and build that unique relationship between you and the gift. Only something, you will know and understand even though you may see similarities in how others work with their gift and you with yours. However, you will find your own relationship of understanding and acceptance of what is revealed in your consciousness that relates to you - your way.

Think about it this way. We all know fire burns, we know if we place our hand too close it will heat up and the warmth will be felt. If you were to ask someone what it is that the person is experiencing placing their hand closer to a fire and asked that person to explain it from their own point of view. it may come out with a mixture of different descriptives. Some in which, you can resonate with whilst others you do not relate to as well as your consciousness may not see the same relationship with those descriptions or experiences as that person personal feels or perceives.

Some of the key or common words could be that "it's hot, It's warm. It's bright" but, let's say someone had a bad experience with fire - this person may say all of the above and then associate the message of fire with fear or something bad. You may see fire as all of the above but as you may not perceive fire as a danger or fear, you might relate to fire as a symbol of life, or initiation.

Neither descriptives are incorrect assumptions or feelings on the matter of fire and its relationship to each individual. It ( symbol of fire) is the relationship of varying differences in perception it can have to each individual. Therefore, the same with intuition and levels of gifts.

We learn to build a relationship with the subconscious mind and conscious happening or event. When I tune in to my tarot cards, I will see many different interpretations, often receive messages or intuitive promptings. The same energy of tuning in occurs when I am speaking with someone in front of me for a reading or tuning in over the phone.

This is why each reading is different, each interpretation to a card or message is uniquely guided to that person. No two lives will be experienced the same, although we may share a common thread - we will all experience it in our own way.

So, what's it like having a mum like me?

it can be different, confronting and normal. Do I know everything my children will do in life, achieve or fail? NO! because it's not my path to live their lives or their journey. I am but, a passenger sharing the same road towards many destinations and experiences we will share along the way.

Do I sense anything is wrong before it happens, or do I see something I should warn them about? do I? Yes, I do, however, sometimes I am also not given any more information than any parent would receive by knowing your own child's personality or predictability. I can feel a knot in my stomach, or sense something is not right. I may ask several questions that highlight concerns. I may sense something that is not totally clear but is brought to my awareness. But, I also have to trust sometimes its not my business to know.

This is where I chose to trust a long time ago never to intervene in the journey of my children. Why? because if you are so busy protecting them from their own self you are not allowing them to grow from the experience of their understanding. Instead, you are creating a path carved only from your own interpretation on how you perceive life should be lived. I am not saying I have not guided my children along the way, maybe chose topics of discussions out of the blue or been in the right place at the right time - I just know and accept deep down I can't control the outcome.

My children grew up in a home that openly discussed, accepted and encouraged each to listen to their intuition. " You know right from wrong, you know that feeling when something is not right, listen to it" Nothing was dismissed or shunned if it was felt or experienced it was acknowledged.

My son Troy was around 4 and a half years old and on this particular day he and his siblings were waiting on on their father to arrive for a weekend pick up. Troy said to me" dad's not coming today" I looked at the clock, thought well it is past the time he would normally come by. I said to Troy "well, he might be here soon he could just be running late," Troy said, "no, dad's not coming he is in hospital". I took a moment to digest what Troy had just said and I replied: " well, we will have to see won't we - what makes you think dad is in the hospital?" Troy replied " I just think he is, is all he is in hospital"

Sure enough, at around lunchtime, their father called to say he was up at the hospital as he had problems with his wisdom tooth. I immediately turned to Troy after the phone call and said " well Troy, you are correct your dad is not coming today because your dad is in hospital as he has a bad toothache"

So, with a gift comes great responsibility, it can be rewarding, life-changing and beautiful or miraculous - but, it can also come with guilt, sorrow and pain. it can be challenging, difficult to understand, testing and demanding. I have felt this personally throughout my years. the good with the bad, the happy with the sad.

When my daughter Jess was coming to visit this one day in 2009. I had a kicking sensation in my lower abdomen for a couple of days prior. it was always a sign of pregnancy depending on the height of the kicking an indication of how far along or the term of the pregnancy (just above the pubic bone very early - between the pubic bone and belly button first trimester) and the sex or gender is revealed depending on whether it was felt on the left or right.

I resonated with this sign as to when I carried my children and the little kicks or movement I felt with each pregnancy. So, my daughter Jess arrived and later that day somehow the conversation comes up, she buys a pregnancy test and bam! There is a pregnancy. Every time, I get the sensation I say straight away someone is pregnant.

How To Bamboozle A Psychic

Well, a few years go by after my grandson Quinlan is born. I am living with my daughter Jess and her husband Daniel. I wake up one morning with this kicking in my tummy. I walk into the kitchen area and I say someone is pregnant. Jess said well it's not me! I dismiss it and think perhaps I am about to see a client and I am picking up on her pregnancy which also was not uncommon.

Days go by and I am feeling this kicking in my tummy more so. I once again go to my daughter and I say, I swear someone IN the FAMILY is pregnant. Once again my daughter says it's not us. I said to both her and her husband, that I am getting kicking someone is bloody pregnant! My daughter suggest perhaps it is my brother's wife Erin. So, I drive out to their farm to see Erin, and I tell her the same story and Erin replies "Caz it's definitely not me"

I am totally stumped by this. I start thinking to myself how can I be getting all these signs and no one around me is pregnant. I knew it definitely was not me! I start to question Spirit thinking perhaps its a bit of a joke, maybe I am reading this wrong. But the kicking persisted.

Quinlan, if I recall was having his birthday in August 2013 and was turning 3. We all stood around the kitchen and Daniel unwrapped a Tshirt which said something along the lines of the "the only child is expiring in March 2014" I looked at the shirt bamboozled and thought to myself - Jesus Christ that's a bloody horrible thing to say. I literally thought the Tshirt meant Quin the only child was expiring as in reached his expiration date as in dying. I was stunned by the shirt and the wording, I think I even said: "what does that mean?"

Daniel said, "we are having another baby, so technically Quinlan won't be the only child". I still was not grasping the concept of what was happening. I was still stuck on what the heck did the shirt mean! I shook my head and was not getting the gist of this whole situation, the tee shirt and pregnancy was not transmuting into anything comprehensible, my brain was stuck on Quin expiring. " what no, what are you joking?" I asked. Daniel said "No, we are serious we are having a baby, Jess is pregnant" I hear Jess from the bathroom say "mum its true but the shirt is wrong the baby is due in February".

I was still struggling with the shirt as my brain was not comprehending this at all, like seriously if there was an empty space filled with crickets it was happening in my head! I say " what?..... no,........ it's not true! but, you said you were not pregnant, you said " and the penny dropped OMG "you bloody had me thinking I was crazy and the whole time I had the kicking in my tummy you were bloody pregnant!!!!!.

I said, " You both made me go all the way out to Shane and Erin's and thinking it was Erin and the whole time it was bloody you!!!!" Daniel laughed and replied "Yes," I said, " Holy Crackers, I seriously thought I was losing it and the whole time you were pregnant!" "I thought you were saying my grandson was expiring as in dying- I freaking thought who writes that on a tee-shirt! who does that?" laughing.

Needless to say, we laughed about it. I thought I was going mad! I said to them both, "I can't believe you would do that to me. I seriously thought I had this all wrong! You know I am psychic that, just about did my head in - I literally thought I was losing it!"

Do my kids get readings from me?

I always clarify before I tune in by asking if the question is a mummy question or "guys upstairs question" the kids will say "what do the cards say?" That's a " Guys upstairs question" This can be sometimes a little testing as I also have to separate my feelings or thoughts from the situation to remember this is reading of a situation not motherly advice. It does not happen often, however, when it does its a privilege to think they can ask and I can share what comes through.

Are my children psychic or gifted? yes each of them has the gift. They all have it in various ways and levels, for instance, I see in my daughter Jessica (Taurus) is intuitive/psychic (instant knowing), my daughter Natalie (Scorpio) is an empath/healer, Montana (Gemini) is an empath/psychic (dreams, feelings, impressions and thoughts). Troy (Aries) and Bradley (Aries) both an empath/psychic (impressions/feelings)

Our favourite saying is when anyone picks up on something someone is about to say or do or if we discover we are about to suggest the same thing is " do do do do do do". Jess and I would do this as we would arrive home and for example, I or she would say " I was thinking today we might have Chinese for dinner tonight" either one of us would say get out of my head I was thinking the same bloody thing! "do do do do do do"

I think it is such a natural part of their life growing up being surrounded by all things weird and wonderful its only fitting that something would rub off after all these years! Now with four grandbabies, it's very interesting seeing each of their personalities open up to what is just part of the family circle. I am sure the apple won't fall far from the tree!

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