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January 2020 - Overview

#January2020 brings more than you realise to the table. This year will commence with a bang and will ensure all those who feel its rumble comply. This year is going to test resilience, structure, control when it comes to finances, business, career and dedicated goals.

January will bring stress around many economic quarters this we are feeling with the bush fires and the impact on resources, communities and livelihoods. Our prayers are strong and I wish to say - thank you to the courageous firefighters, services (police, ambulance, army and wildlife and environmental organisations) personnel and volunteers and other community and national organisations that have stood shoulder to shoulder to battle devastating fires throughout Australia.

Your assistance in providing services, funds, food and shelter. We thank you so very much for the sacrifices you make every day to protect and keep us safe. Thank you to each and every person who continue to open your heart, home and wallet. Thank you to all the countries that have come to our aid lending your time and support - in our time of need.

"Many dreams will be rebuilt, however, many lives will be changed forever"


January 2020 - Sun Sign Influences

#Aries - You will focus on your immediate goals which will include seeking better financial security and stability. This month could see many negotiations and talks connected to finances, arrangement and significant dealing all focusing on your future goals. You will see this as a time to take back control with initiating changes in the way you spend, invest or build your newly formed future foundations.

#Taurus - You will utilise this time to make commonsense decisions which require great rationale and logic to solve. This month will be a time of reassessing your personal thoughts, initiatives and goals. You will focus on moving through uncertain times into a more stable and reassuring period of problem-solving.

#Gemini - You will be busier than usual dealing with all levels of communication, information and information. This month will propel you into positions or places in which to gain support, assistance or positive feedback to better your cause or circumstances.

#Cancer - You will focus on creating the right alliances, partnerships or deals as you strive for a more harmonious time of support. This month offers favourable talks, commitments and agreements on collaborative matters both personally and professionally.

#Leo - You will be tested by the additional pressures of daily responsibilities and obligations. This month opens every opportunity to embrace new work, added responsibilities whilst utilising your stamina and skills to accomplish that which is expected through your own efforts successfully.

#Virgo - You will feel passionate and determined to overcome limitations or setbacks. This month will reveal areas in which change is necessary to allow you to let go and grow. This may not be easy as your mind will feel propelled to fixate on people or situations which could influence such imbalances in your daily affairs.

#Libra- You will focus on advancing your knowledge, skills and possibly education. This month encourages self-reflection and various levels of personal exploration to open your mind to new life experiences and possibilities.

#Scorpio - You will be highly reflective of past events. people or experiences. This month will focus on letting go and moving forward whilst learning to understand that sometimes grief or the pressure of change may not always be easy but must happen.

#Sagittarius - You will focus on the home, personal goals, finances and material matters or concerns. This month supports a time of personal abundance through building strong foundations and productive ambitions.

#Capricorn - You will recognise the urge to push forward and overcome any obstacles that challenge your path. This month gives you perseverance and patience in which to turn matters around successfully even after small delays or doubts.

#Aquarius - Your focus is on your future goals and prospects which can include monetary and business aspirations. This month enables you the confidence to see past any limitations or issues which may be impeding your ability to move forward successfully.

#Pisces - You will focus on how best to initiate plans and take control of situations which need a creative or ingenious overview. This month will push you to look out better managements, schedules and workable routines which give you the support and freedom you require now and in the future.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperously abundant year xx Cosmic Hugs xx

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