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July 2020 - What Influences This Month

It appears we will all focus on the what we believe to be real .That which we align our faith and that which enables us to have hope in all that is important to our inner well being.

You may see this as a sense of where do I belong? what is my purpose? or what is it that I really need understand? this all comes from the deep reflective nature of July's vibration.

The change stirring within may be amplified by the changing vibrations around you. This may see yourself highly focused on your self worth, self esteem, and consciousness. The consciousness of exactly what you have built your whole existence around.

You may see this as finding your truth, you happiness, you sense of completion. that which manifests from the inner stirrings of recent events, challenges or need for self analysis.

You are learning to trust your strengths and remove the limiting circumstances which may have very well fed your inability to believe in your own self, dreams or courage to achieve that which you truly desire to explore.

As you venture through July - you see options emerge, alternative choices and most of all the other side of you ability to make necessary change towards bettering yourself. be this through education, new career, better health regimes, friendships, relationships or personal transformations.

You see the depth of re-assessing your goals and finding capabilities, latent talents or skills that are ready to be awoken and utilized. its your time to take a chance on doing something that may very well be the best leap of faith into you own self empowerment you can make.

#July2020 encourages new found directions - leaving the path of well trodden experience to open a new chapter of life altering change. the introverted inner you is busting out of the safety of old ways and ready to spirit forward with new vigor.

You are highly perceptive, inquisitive and guided by only your imagination on what could be a significant month of self discovery.

#july2020 #carolynclairvoyant

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