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June 2020

It’s all about getting life back into normality

You spend this month sorting out that which is needing more attention and focus. Your home, finances, career and other progressive matters will the first step of importance. A busy time to prepare for new changes, settle affairs and strike deals.

Fears and worries will start to disappear as you begin to manifest strategic goals and ambitious ways to find a new sense of freedom. Just don‘t get caught up in the confusion of trying to do everything at once.

Pace yourself and before you know it a more favourable and balanced time encourages improvements. Now, you have a better idea on how to cope, manage and most of all plan for a better future ahead.

Keep your commonsense in check, reassess thoughts and actions to help you cut through the great areas. Know that you are supported and protected as you step forward and take the reins in what can be a very focused time of new commitments.

Love may bring you into contact with past relationships, memories or old circumstances. Its not to say you wont think about the one that got away in a new light. However, be careful not to rush full speed to the alter believing everything is all love bubbles and worth giving it another go.

The feminine planet Venus is retrograde, taking a backward cycle (the planet that rules love, partnerships, relationships and rose coloured glasses) will make you quite sentimental. However, as she moves forward again around the coming weeks you may discover that beautiful mirage of happiness that appears to be covered with glitter and fairy dust blows away uncovering the raw truths and naked reality.

You may see past friendships come back into your social mix, a message out of the blue or even reunion of sorts. This can be said about that Ex or special person that still is flipping in to your thoughts as well. Perhaps Venus is spreading a little energy for you to revisit, revise and rectify outstanding matters or unfinished business.

Of course, it is not all hard work - but just be aware you will be looking at what you feel is missing, considering your choices and perhaps being eager for a change you may consider going back over old ground in which to find the answers to your emotional happiness.

I guess the message is that you are looking for ways to improve your life. Be more stable, less restricted and perhaps taking control of what you know deep down needs to be let go of, healed or finished so that you can move forward and be happy.

Career, study, new ventures and ambitions will light the way if you are prepared to continue to put in the hard work. You may bask in the very fact you pushed yourself to get to where you are so, why not be rewarded for that perseverance and effort.

You will busy yourself with fresh starts and approaches to obtaining your goals. Some will make a major career shift whilst others will relocate, move or follow the opportunities that open the right doors.

This month may feel a little like stepping off the cliff and trusting your parachute will open. To your very surprise it just might take you further than you believe possible If you are willing to trust.

Monetary, financial deals, loans and other forms of support may still feel a little shaky however, there is something happening beneath the surface which will reveal positive news or signs of further relief.

Personally, I feel through a fortunate turn of events, opportunities will knock and with this the economic recovery will bring some favourable balance back to the majority. It will be a strong month of restoring our confidence in restoring life back to some normality.

So, we are riding the waves, having a little trust and faith in what is to come. All the while we have not sat idle instead being better organised preparing for everything to resume or spring back better than before!

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