June 2020

It’s all about getting life back into normality

You spend this month sorting out that which is needing more attention and focus. Your home, finances, career and other progressive matters will the first step of importance. A busy time to prepare for new changes, settle affairs and strike deals.

Fears and worries will start to disappear as you begin to manifest strategic goals and ambitious ways to find a new sense of freedom. Just don‘t get caught up in the confusion of trying to do everything at once.

Pace yourself and before you know it a more favourable and balanced time encourages improvements. Now, you have a better idea on how to cope, manage and most of all plan for a better future ahead.

Keep your commonsense in check, reassess thoughts and actions to help you cut through the great areas. Know that you are supported and protected as you step forward and take the reins in what can be a very focused time of new commitments.

Love may bring you into contact with past relationships, memories or old circumstances. Its not to say you wont think about the one that got away in a new light. However, be careful not to rush full speed to the alter believing everything is all love bubbles and worth giving it another go.

The feminine planet Venus is retrograde, taking a backward cycle (the planet that rules love, partnerships, relationships and rose coloured glasses) will make you quite sentimental. However, as she moves forward again around the coming weeks you may discover that beautiful mirage of happiness that appears to be covered with glitter and fairy dust blows away uncovering the raw truths and naked reality.