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Leo 2021 Tarotscopes

What does 2021 hold for Leo

THE DEATH reversed

This year will focus on transforming your life and preparing for a new chapter of change. This may arrive through many personal choices or changes within the home however, you will see this as a necessity that needs to occur. April through to May and June 2021 focus on gaining the right resources, services or professional support and again focusing on the months of June, July and December 2021 with agreements in place.

The enlistment of others will be significant in aligning areas of your lifestyle to support that which you know requires more help to accomplish. Think of this as a change for the better but one that is necessary for all concerned. You may find your faith restored in areas in which struggle might have reined or problems solved through the help of others willing to assist you along the way.


This is a year will highlight change in the home. This really is one that comes from a greater understanding and realistic agreements. You sense its time to make a move, perhaps a little more travel or becoming more involved in reaching further than your usual routines.

Whatever is presenting suggests that you may have had some idea around November/December 2020 however now you are setting plans in motion as 2021 propels you to start manifesting towards the bigger picture or long term goals around the home and family.

There will be a significant moment which may surround an important event, celebration or gathering which may have many blessings. This could be a wedding, anniversary or farewell. However, it changes much of your own perceptions on how you may have once believed certain traditions should be held.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 will gravitate around professionals, talents and skills. You see this as your chance to excel or show your ability to master that which is perfectly designed for you. This is great for promotion, lucky break or acknowledgments which all could start to blossom from March through to June 2021.

This is an exceptional time in seeing favourable results coupled with the right agreements or contracts to set up the next exciting leg of the journey. You will find the right doors opening, the right resources or opportunity falling right in your lap.

With travel and changes around your home- career could be a great source of complimenting through offers overseas, interstate or manifesting from a place that will take you places before the end of 2021.


Money happens but it will only come after a slight hold up or delay. This may indicate decisions reached or deals struck manifest at a later date rather than straight away. March 2021 through to November 2021 highlight financial dealings around real estate, property and career matters.

You may find successful negotiations bring you a clear indication of that which is to arrive but as said, it will incur a small delay before coming to fruition. Your focus is aligning your money to work best for you in the future so, this can be one of the reasons you spend time sorting and sourcing before stepping into signing off on a financial matter.


This year your priorities change and this also affects how you perceive your health and wellbeing. You may place an importance on gaining advice, undergoing medical treatment or dealing with a highly skilled doctor or medical professional. You are looking to deal with what need to be addressed in an orderly fashion.

As this will influence your whole year there will be no particular month that stands out. However, take care of your digestive, hormonal, thyroid and circulation. All of which may present with further exploration. As female energy is governing “mother” areas you may see medical areas pertaining to a mother (significant female) or motherhood a strong influence.


Relationships and personal connections will be deeper this year as you place importance on feelings. You will honour bonds with females whom represent important figures in your life. This may include a mother, sister, daughter, niece, grandparent or friendships. The bond and connective energy brings you to a place of understanding your own emotions and that you wish to better nurture or explore.

You will find solace in personal relationships with an emphasis on finding a balance between those who matter. As your year appears to be one that may take many surprising turns. It may be that you recognise the importance of love through those who give unconditionally and without expectation.

This may also prompt you to move forward on plans connected to a relaitonship, family or home especially around June through to September 2021. It can also indicate you will be devoted to making commitments that show promise now and in the future.

Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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