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Leo 2023

Leo what does 2023 hold for you?

The first thing that you do have around you in connection with this year is all about adjustments. The more flexible you are the better it is going to be throughout this period. You are looking at ways in which you are able to formulate the right plans and the right goals. You may feel like you have crossed this ground before, been down this pathway before but ,this time you are smarter and wiser.

The best part about this time is once you get through the time of January and February and closer to the time of September and October 2023, you start seeing everything balance out for the best. This is fantastic for agreements, it's fantastic for litigations, it's fantastic for putting matters into where you feel that you need.

This year you are looking at the Harmony and balance that you are wishing to input into your plans and goals, with some great successes to come. So, it is a favourable year for accomplishment and achieving that which you are setting out to do.

The home in the family – much sorting out here happening. You might find yourself between places, as you are finding there is change on the horizon. Because, of this you may be feeling at times that you are a little bit lost. The purpose of this is that once you start moving through that which you need to do between March, April and May, you find yourself being able to tidy up and disconnect/clear the way.

Now the “Devil in Reverse” often means that there is a break of agreements. There's a discontinuation on a real estate or other contractual areas. If you are buying, selling, shifting or moving, then you are letting go of one thing for another. This could be where you feel a little bit lost.

As this transition happens part of you is looking to be a lot happier and relaxed. Maybe you are coming out of one of those situations where you have put in more energy or more time to get plans going or happening. Now, you may feel a sense of anxiousness asking yourself “Am I on the right track? “ “Is this going to be okay?”.

However, with the “four of swords” brings situations into play, so much so that, you will find yourself in a more relaxed position once everything is said and done. It just takes a little bit more time and energy to come into fruition as you are focus on the well-being of everything happening.

Career, goals and aspirations - this is a very big time in which you are able to see where to process circumstances more diligently. This means that you are looking at every aspect and taking in information, news or conversations.

You are nit-picking as you want everything to be perfect. You may be find yourself quite surprisingly, going through this stage of feeling really frustrated as you overthinking matters. However, your energy changes around March, April and May right through to September, October and November.

You see change bringing everything into a new way of adjustments. You open up some very positive doorways especially, if you've been contemplating or talking about this for some time. You have someone there to support those next steps making goals easier to achieve lifting any pressure.

This is perfect for anyone with interests in marketing, buying, selling or design. Careers or goals connected to those areas give a chance for you to really pop things up into the next level for yourself. You recognise you are capable, proactive in developing what you believe is the perfect position or job area for yourself or even business.

Finances- you could feel uncertainty or a bit of trepidation around money however, that will lift after June and as you move closer to August. This is when everything will start to balance itself out. For those that are renovating and putting in bathrooms or wet areas or a pool just watch it. The money is going to go out quicker than you expect but, you will get what you really are purchasing.

This year you are seeing this as a time in enjoying your finances and spending on things that you would really like to do. Some may want to go on a cruise or take your trip away or a holiday, or a break. You have the financial funds to be able to do this as this is a time in which you are able to finish off some of those plans that you have had sitting on the back burner there for a little while.

Health and your well-being - this year brings in abundance. Now, abundance can come in two ways. It means you add or gain weight, it can also mean that you tend to find yourself with a lot more going on.

But, the other part of abundance is the positivity. So, you see this in your “thinking” and the way that you are working on what are planning or doing. The way that you feel about integrating with other areas of your life. This is going to be a very abundant time and very busy time as you find also this is very good for your health and your betterment. Because, when you are feeling positive about that which you can undertake, the results that you can gain from doing so, your health responds accordingly.

Relationships - on a personal level this year is about moving through anything that may be a little bit frustrating. You may have gone through a bit of opposition there for a little while around a personal matter or relationship. You might still feel quite sensitive about this matter.

So, 2023 around relationships, if you're single and looking, is about trusting the process. You begin to understand that this as a time in which maybe you don't have a lot of control over how everything goes or works out. However, do have some control over what you allow to impact you. Therefore, this is about taking your time, being patient in knowing that situations will happen of their own accord. You won't have to push or rush anything.

For those in stable and supported relationships – there is change on that horizon. Now, this is not a negative. It just means that you are looking at ideas, plans and putting much thought into these areas. “The Moon” is a children/childhood card. The moon often means that family or children matters or home, or the consciousness mind is focusing on something important. Because, of this you see this is a very fertile and a very productive time around relationship areas.

So, this time supports areas in which you wish to make a change or where you may need to do so.If you trust this once again those processes are going to do quite well.




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