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Libra 2021 Tarotscopes


This year gives you wise insight and opportunity to act. You will find the first 7 months especially around July 2021 as a time of taking actions and sorting out much that may be in limbo. You will see this as a chance to better your circumstances, change areas of your lifestyle or even create a stronger focus on personal happiness.

March through to May 2021 opens your thoughts to new goals whilst the summer months prepare you to put plans into place and manifest that which creates the setting for the next two years.

This year gives you the tenacity to make large changes and with fore knowledge which can be to your advantage leading to great deals, new career path or new happenings in personal happiness.


This year you crave a more responsive time around home and family. This may manifest through taking on larger roles or making instrumental plans to secure a more stable home. This can entail purchasing, shifting or looking at investments in which to support now and in the future.

You will find yourself busy with many ideas in which to create the perfect space to enjoy. The summer of 2021 may bring commitments involving family. You could see this a time of accomodating to family or expanding your home to fit your needs.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 encourage trying something new. Although this may just include taking on a new role or promotion. You have the opportunity to leave, restructure or recreate a path in which to bring more stability. It can mean leaving something once secure for a new opportunity that will give you a chance to start over on your own terms.

The ten of cups is a reverse often refers to an argument or separation however, if you have spent time pondering such a decision you may now feel capable of wining the agreement and reasons behind the career or personal goal choice.

Look at December 2020 through to February 2021, again in June through to August 2021 and lastly December 2021 for strong influences which support your ambitious changes to occur.


Money will be a strong focus as you walk into 2021. You will spend much of the year rethinking your spending and shuffling around funds to suit the economics of your lifestyle. However, your focus is strong on ensuring there is now waste. This will see an ever stronger focus on scrutinising everything before you decide the final step of purchasing, investing or using your reserves.

Your keen eye and mind will save you from any real pitfalls. In saying this, you might even be labelled a bit of a tight wad as you bargain your way through every deal ensuring the best for less. However, there is no need for concern as spending will only come on the essentials you feel necessitate bettering your lifestyle.


This year yields a chance to get on top of any health issues. This may come through a new invention, new technology or something that involves a whole new change you create to give yourself a happier and positive attitude in which to thrive.

If you have spent most of your previous year confined for one reason or another this year gives you double the freedom and more energy to enjoy the health abundance.

The only area that may be of concern could involve the knees, teeth, bones and joints. However with everything looking so brilliant any treatments or replacements would not see you down for long.


Relationships and personal connections will be different this year in how you form connects and create the bonds of friendships. You may see this as a mixing pot of diversity, with people from all walks of life congregating in your life. You may find this attraction opens a chance to travel or introduce new friends to your circle. There will be lots to share and explore making this not only soulfully vibrate but healthy for your own emotional needs.

Personal relationship and love bonds could see you transitioning between what you have to what you plan for the future. For some this may include a move, living together or focusing on the home as a commitment. Others may see this as a time of exploring new shores and depending a love that may be distanced from you for one reason or another.

Key months appear to be around the Spring season which depending on which hemisphere you live could manifest between March and May 2021 or September through to November 2021. Whatever 2021 brings you appear to have your sight set on seeing the bigger picture and aligning yourself to areas which enable you to feel a part of something more.

​Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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