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March 2020

This month has started with a flurry of emotions and often confusion over how to find peace. We on a whole are self reflective, pushing our need to search deep within and to find answers that support our external life and emotional needs.

Old resentments may be resurfacing, fears or even challenging signs of needing to forgive. let go and find solutions which promote a healthier alignment to our betterment. Allowing our mind, body and soul to health with unconditional love.

We are more sensitive, inquisitively searching for the truth. Our minds thirsty to better understand and our hearts needing to open, release and beam inwardly as much as we beam outwardly.

We are searching for our universal place. our connectives on a whole to the that which you belong, believe or seek to understand and better acknowledge. You could say we are "soul searching" the reason for our very existence in every quandary of our daily routines, obligations and purpose.

March brings you back to the "heart of the matter" the inner truth of self love, unconditional love, release and forgiveness, letting go and healing regardless of that which is purging the forth a reflective mirror in which to see the essence and importance of the self and how the self perceives the self.

"How you see yourself, how you feel others may see you, how you have conditioned yourself to how you want others to see you"

It time to get back in touch with your emotional betterment with a better understanding that which you are drawing upon to manifest a better understanding of your expectations. The knowledge you are privy to unlock internally through digging deep and clearing fears and learning to trust your intuitive promptings to be more self aware to self acceptance, unconditional love and being kinder to ones self.

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