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Mercury Retrograde In Scorpio

Mercury in retrograde , brings up all the should of, could of, maybe would have’s. But, in scorpio the ruler of the 8th house of secrets, transformation and other peoples money.

So, its deep enough to bring up hidden issues with compulsions, obsessive behaviours, relationships, sexuality, issues with other peoples money (inheritance), loans and past financial deeds, bitter sweet memories (between siblings/family) and sometimes vengeance and spite (often connecting neighbours and networks).

Scorpio is secretive, mysterious and sexual - mercury is communication, mental stimulation and networking

It can show you much about that which you may be mentally holding onto - and that which you need to change to balance your life out. Maybe settling the score is about owning your part you played.

The lesson is to take this time to be more focused on what changes you can manifest from what is being shown from any given situaiton- its also about solving some of the areas you may identify with that you feel are part of your foundation of self.

Re-assessing what motivates change - how to restructure or transform monetary areas to be more giving and lucrative. Getting to hte bottom of problematic spending, hidden costs or unnecessary spending.

What looks mysterious or concealed is like a magnet as senses are heightened. A tendency to pick up, dig deeper or investigate on matters normally overlooked or would be dismissed - not now however, everyone will be seeing your business - therefore not a great time for taking risks or gambling on what you hope will stay hidden to stay out and away from prying eyes.

Whatever the indiscretions may be - it wont stay hidden. Because mercury in retrograde will be pointing the finger right at the situation encouraging a deeper look towards resolving and restoring the balance.

So, between October 14 to around the 3rd of November 2020 - if a scandal or two rocks your world or you are the scandal! Just know come November 3rd - life will find a more harmonious time in which to move on with it all and put it behind you.

One very interesting fact, i f you are interested in the occult, or other threads of mystical assistance. This time will open gifts and abilities - more so. You may think more about those whom have passed, more about the seriousness of life and death. It will even bring to light mysterious areas of crime and case solving.

The truth comes to light.

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