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Monthly Tarotscopes

August 2021

ARIES - THE MOON reversed

This month you will be wishing to more expressive and may find moments of great conversation or interest taking importance. You sense this as a time of sharing thoughts, feelings and most importantly allowing others to see the inner most deep parts of yourself. On a professional level this could give you a keen opportunity as others see your potential. Personally it may bring a significant moment of love or conneciton that sets the start of something new. Aries, you are not holding back - time to shine - let yourself be known and bask in the following your ambitions and goals.


This month you sense this is the moment to reassess or bring change to areas of life which are stuck or slow forming. You could see this as whittling away at bills or looking to change career or personal areas to be more satisfying. The wish to get out of a rut, be more proactive or set targetable goals will be high. You will find motivation in sorting that which can start now in preparation for months ahead. Taurus this is your chance to get on top of matters and resolve any long term outstanding problems or issues.


This month you embrace possibilities surrounding education, agreements, contracts and even government or organisations which support current and future goals. The chance to create strong alliances or deals with the aim to encourage progress with forward thinking plans can bring a stable structure around goals and career matters. You have a desire to feel grounded and therefore you will seek the right people and resources to enable such. Gemini this is your time to negotiate, navigate and initiate the steps in which to build the perfect foundations or stepping stones In which to grow.


This month you encounter challenges around communication, people and or letting go. This could be arising as you are now moving into a different time or era in your life and therefore you may see this as deconstructing and sorting matters of importance - what will be staying and that which is not. However, not everyone or everything will flow easily. You could see this as a de cluttering, spring clean, removing old habits or incompatible people. Cancer you are shifting into a new time and therefore you are ready to make the necessary shifts or moves in which to start the process.


This month you appear to be either the bearer of much news or the recipient of many messages. You will see this as a proactive time in which to get on top of information, research or projects which may involve intricate communications. This may even suggest upgrading communications such as phone, internet as such. Whatever it is it appears to be a hub of activity which gives you a sense of positive energy and results. Leo this is a month surrounded by interesting conversations and plenty of ways in which to interact with others. Great news for those waiting on a positive outcome on a matter which may be ready to commence or hatch.


This month will highlight skills, talents and professionals along with home, realestate and property. The influence suggests much activity and focus on resources in which to gain the services of or implement deals, agreements and discussions on work or changes to happen. This may open doors with career, enhancing skills or education - or bringing the right professional or specialist to see over that which you require. Virgo you see many opportunities to retain and secure that which will give you the support and direction in goals, plans and personal development/health with utilising that which is on offer.


This month could see you spending time on working out areas of life which need to change. You feel the pressure or push to reassess that which will place additional responbilities or expectations to accomplish. This may arise in over stretching your capabilities with work matters, finances or stress. However at this pace or rate you will struggle to cope if you do not find a balance or solution in the interim. Libra focus on that which can be restructured to fit into current demands and allow yourself time to step back - even if this means handing the reins to others or taking a time out to recoup or realign your Own energy.


This month you feel a little uncertain concerning matters which you usually feel content. You may find this an emotional time of questioning needs or desires. Perhaps you may look at areas in your home or life style which are not meeting expectations and need to change. Whatever it may be you energy could be temperamental or at times confusing to those who may try and understand what really is happening. Scorpio you are looking for a sense of accomplishment, personal satisfaction and what to do next - all of which may need more time to be revealed or manifest.


This month brings light hearted energy, plans and invitations along with a chance to take a trip or plan on a getaway or two. You may see this as invitations, a special social event or furthering commitments which enable opening new areas of exploration. Short trips may be on the agenda but this will not phase your wanderlust energy. Sagittarius a time in which to see personal goals reached with success and happy positive results arriving through endeavours and other plans.


This month you may see some unsettling around the options or expectations of others. You feel a spontaneous time in trying to get your point or plans across and this could reach some opposition if everything is not placed to happen just now. Patience may be the key to finding workable solutions or overcoming sensitive topics or matters. Capricorn you may find the energy startling or challenging especially when it comes to news or information which may require a delicate hand or way in handling Such matters .


This ,month you will need to trust decisions which were made some time back are now coming to fruition and bearing results As expected. You may see this as looking back over options and choices however, trusting that outcome suggests you have all the information or support you need to move forward now. Aquarius this is a time of believing everything will turn out better than you expect the more you move ahead and trust all is in place to manifest.


This month will focus on money, business and resources which enrich or give support materially. You could see this as taking a risk on the market, investing or purchasing large monetary items, looking over financial affairs and gaining help, assistance or support in making well informed decisions. Pisces as money will be a large factor in that which brings levels of accumulation - you will find the positive results or outcome bring increases in financial incomes or assets



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