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Monthly Tarotscopes

December 2021


This month you will focus on the aspects of personal and spiritual beliefs. You may see this as engaging in religious festivities, attending a special ceremony or just gaining a higher perspective on that which you believe and honour. This month presents a strong time in which you will gather support, advice and follow through on decisions which will require your authentic attention. Aries this is a time of gatherings, commemorations and aligning your thought.


This month brings the opportunities to manifest good financial deals, accumulate career or business decisions to benefit future goals and to find agreeable resources in which to move forward with resourceful plans and material needs. You see this as your chance to manifest that which you require to support your immediate and future financial visions. Taurus this month brings you the stability and connections in which to gain loans, financial support, strike deals and negotiate your terms in which to arrive at the best outcome.


This month gives you every chance to make headway in your goals and resources. Of course this will come from earnings and opportunities to make better income or support your future commitment. However, you find this month supports new levels of education, training, new opportunities in which to gain recognition or acknowledgement for putting in a greater effort. Gemini you will gain a sense of accomplishment as you buckle down to a month in which you will feel rewards you for your efforts.


This month will keep you busy with all forms of correspondence. You may see this as dealing with paperwork, messages, emails or even conversations which require much attention and follow up. This could just mean you are proactive with invitations and circulating more socially. Cancer one thing for sure you are surrounded by plenty of news and information which could mean you are proactively involved in dealings and agreements for a majority of this time.

LEO - FOUR OF CUPS reversed

This month will enable a change in which you can finally start to make headway with new plans and decisions. You my have held back due to not having the resources or support however now, you can confidently take that leap. You will see a greater focus on self confidence, meeting new people and in some cases embracing a new job or new pat. Leo this month promotes positive changes which support your everyday environments and routines with a positive influence in letting go of the old and making way for the new.


This month present spontaneous actions and quick decisions. You may see this as your chance to strike whilst the iron is hot! Leaving nothing to chance - instead finding the advantage in making decisions now and sorting out the details later. You may sign agreements, take an unexpected trip or just decide now is the time to do what you have said you wished you could - now you can. Virgo this is an excitable time in which you find agreeable ways to negotiate your way through whilst getting closer to your objective.


This month gives you the opportunity in which to take the lead, stand out or gather support from those in positions in which to help. You may be dealing with companies or people in position of authority - however for some an important discussion could lead to a new offer or opportunity from someone who believes in you and that which you can achieve. Libra you have the strength to make wise decisions and the support to carry them through.


This month you may be prone to worry or over indulgence particularly when it comes to how you think and feel. You will struggle to find a balance between what is routine and that which is pushing you harder to maintain. This energy will make you fickle and picky if you are not careful. Scorpio your desire to have everything in place now could create unnecessary anxiety. So, find a way to balance out your thoughts and allow yourself time to enjoy what you can accomplish in the now.


This month enables you to put steps in place in which to reach favourable agreements or outcomes. You may see this as better agreements around finances, work or career opportunities and manifesting the right deals or arrangements to match. This gives you the momentum to keep putting one foot in front of the other bringing you closer to the results you desire. Sagittarius this month enables you to accomplish much - as you see a more orderly time of support.


This month you are wise not to waste time, energy or valuable resources. You may see this as reconciling your accounts, looking over your agreements or keeping track of important conversations and correspondence. This is a great time to ensure you have everything in order including insurances and other important information that protects your better interests and assets. Capricorn this month could be testy so best double check information or procedures before leaping in.


This month brings you improvements which influence your personal and professional life. This best vibration in a long time encourages you to seek new resources or accept a new role or job. This could be the start of something better as you thrive on the support and reward for your energy. This will overflow into your home, relationships and personal life also, bringing a time of improving your lifestyle, becoming more stable or settled and increasing your happiness levels. Aquarius this month is all about positive influences and seeking ways to improve your lifestyle.


This month could place some pressure on areas which you feel unsettled the most. You could find yourself feeling conflicted by that which is happening around you or possibly that which you can not control due to circumstances out of your control. You may just feel emotionally sensitive - stuck between what you know or want and what you feel you should do. Pisces this may be a changing month trying to find the right decisions or agreements to make everyone happy.


I want to thank each and every person who I have had the pleasure to meet and read for throughout 2021. Your energy and connection has meant a lot. Not only to the path I work with spirit but, the opportunity to connect with you and bring you the guidance or reassurance needed.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe festive season. May you be surrounded by those you love, adore and respect. May you be blessed with beautiful memories and special moments to be made.

From my family to yours - Merry Christmas - xx cosmic hugs xx


Special Announcement

I recently had my personal facebook account compromised. As my personal account is linked to my “Carolyn Clairvoyant - business page on facebook and my Carolyn Clairvoyant instagram account. This has left me without access as I linked all my accounts through my facebook account as you do!

I have appealed the “ I have broken community standard rules” but as of the 10th of November 2021 - nothing has yet been lifted to allow me access.

The unfortunate part was the business account “Carolyn Clairvoyant page” on facebook ran a serious of ads back in 2012 - and again in 2015 possibly. I found the expenditure useless to gather more clients and ceased paid promotions. However, it appears acceptable for them to charge me two sums of money for ads I have not paced whilst my account is disabled.

Appealing this to PayPal come to no avail envelope with stating my facebook account was compromised I have not purchased any business advertising yet i am being charged for such. Apparently it appears I have an authorisation in place. (Not to my knowledge as all ads were disabled back when i found the pricing was not matching my audience intake now my business incomes) How convenient!

So, hopefully I can come back with some better news soon. Til then -


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