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Mudgee NSW Event Saturday 25th of June 2022

Thank you, everyone, will be taking bookings for face to face readings on the Saturday 25th June 2022 -

The readings will be taking place in a private residence in Mudgee - please note there are no walk-ins on the day we book you in and secure your place for the dates and times that the reading day takes place. Every reading is in private and recorded, you may record to your phone or I can record your reading and electronically upload it for you to download or you can bring a USB.

$65 for the 20-minute appointments (Mudgee prices ONLY ) as you have always been welcoming and regular clients. To book your own appointment, under BOOK A Reading - choose MUDGEE and on the calendar select Saturday 25th of June 2022 and your preferred time and move to checkout.

20 Minute appointments cover a lot in this time. So please note if you are new bookings it is a thorough reading and recorded for you convenience.

Ensure your contact details are correct - as you will receive a confirmation text or call to verify your appointment space.

Please check out the event contact numbers for bookings Carolyn 0422143805 or Michelle on 0407258958

Cash, Card, PayPal or direct deposit can be made on the day.

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