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NEW Groups and Discussions Launching!!!

How exciting to bring you a new level of experience through the “Carolyn Clairvoyant“ website - groups designed to bring us all together and share not only our personal experiences but enhance knowledge, answer questions and grow on a path of discovery.

You can become a member and join in on some interesting topics - read and contribute as we, together step though some amazing topics.

I have started the Discovering Tarot Group - this is my speciality - something I love and have spent many years exploring. Tarot is filled with many concepts, layouts, personal impressions and more importantly information that is not only predictive but, deep and revealing on many levels. No matter is you are a beginner, an enthusiast or a professional working with Tarot.

The chance to learn more about personal perceptions with the Tarot, combinations and meanings that myself or others have found contribute to a reading when working with Tarot - sharing the knowledge and opening the channel between consciousness and subconscious information.

Discovering Numerology - is designed to give group members a deeper insight to the fascination of numerical influences. This can be found through personality, energetic changes occurring with numbers and how to work better with numerical energy to enhance your life.

You may find many different levels of information flows through exchanging experiences, finding a deeper relVance to how numbers affect your ambitions, thoughts, physical, emotional and spiritual journey. Amazingly fascinating subject which, pretty much is everywhere from your name, birthdate etc.

Discovering Soul’s Purpose group will open many discussions on the lessons, experiences throughout this lifetime. This may unlock some past life influences, lesson or karmic influences which appear throughout the soul’s evolution.

Often this can be found through a combination of Astrology, Numerology, Chakras and other influences which may have strong clues to what ”soul contract” you may have chosen to explore or better master in this lifetime.

Awareness and Spiritual Exploration Group will join together stories and experiences in which awareness and heighten sensitivities bring significant yet, sometimes, unexplained awareness.

As, you will see each group has a specific area or topic that may be highly focused. So you may join one or all - just to enjoy the diversity of conversations, culture and connections with like minded souls.

Presently, the groups are set to public. However, you will need to be a member to participate in the groups.

To learn more - about this new and exciting “Group” launch you can click here

I am so excited to set up a regular space in which, to share, explore and open our minds to all possibilities and levels of self discovery.

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