November 2019 Brings New Realisations

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

I know it has been a while since posting - sometimes life becomes busy and other times life can be all about taking some quality time to work on projects and other self explorative areas.

Right now, most of us would be finding the self reflective consciousness is delving into past happenings. Life’s little box of memory resources which appear right at the tip of change. A time in which those very reflections enable us to look at what we are holding onto which may or may not be worth our energy or space within our thoughts.

These next two months (October and November 2019) is about letting go, healing, moving forward and doing this in a happy and more content way of understanding - what once was is now ready to no longer be of any other purpose but forward growth.

What you take from this very reflection is important lessons, evolution and peace of accepting change. The saying “ you can no longer live in the past as the past is no longer there, for today is newly born of experiences to be had” is appropriate as we transit through our consciousness today.

The shift in consciousness enables you to understand the purpose of actions, outcomes and happenings. None, of which would have turned out any other way than you have experienced. The journey was taken and you arrived exactly where you are at this time. You have arrived on the path that was to be, one that is filled with foresight and knowledge that could only be obtained by the experiences you encountered and worked through.

You may be more conscious of your inner self, you health, family or personal identity. Who you have grown to become and what is yet to be mastered or healed. You may feel emotionally challenged by events, situations or circumstances that created the transition in your life.

You may feel a sense of heaviness or responsibility, all of which is the consciousness recognising the struggle of letting go and embracing a new found acceptance of life changes. Necessary changes, ones which enrich the consciousness and understanding of lessons undertaken.

You may find yourself restructuring, planning, re-evaluating your future with those who share your life or the journey you are to undertake. Therefore communication and compatibility of support will be important to your proposed changes.

We all want to feel we are supported, encouraged and most importantly recognised for that which we as a whole contribute to our daily lifestyle and existence. You are more open to advice, direction and finding the answers. You may decide to speak with a therapist, undergo a self help course or quietly reflect on the observations of others and how such connections have influenced your life choices and growth. Your mind will crave knowledge to feed the body and align your energy.

This time of self exploration, spiritual awareness and self analysis opens your consciousness to all parts of your personality and being. Some we may accept willingly and others parts we may wish to improve or others which we no longer wish to indulge.

Your intuitiveness is heightened with an instant knowing. The ability to sense what you need will and is presented before you revealing the truth. That which you may need to face honestly. We may receive these very promptings through the words and actions of others as in “bringing the truth home”. Seeing how and what we may have also contributed through our own actions and experiences.

We may fear losing someone or something, you may fear losing your own identity and self for you have held a certain belief or persona for so long. However, the inner turmoil and inability to thrive in such perplexed state only serves frustration, anger, impatience and fear of vulnerability. Fear of your humanness being exposed for all to see.

This really is a time of manifesting transformation on many levels of consciousness. Listening to what comes into your direct path of conversation both within the minds thoughts and through the mirror of others. The awareness we receive can encourage such a positive insight into not only our own perceptions of self but how we perceive others and how others perceive us.

So, with all the energy focusing on letting go, removing old patterns and mental restraints. We have a very influential time of trusting our intuitive and spiritual impressions as each enables us to heal, resolve and delve into the unfinished business which the conscious mind is reminding each of us, its time to move forward.



ARIES - with mercury in retrograde in scorpio - you will feel a surge in your behavioural pattern reminding you of excessive or indulgent habits which influence areas in which you fixate or obsess in not so positive ways.

Your ability to reform, transform and recreate a new patterning on the way you think and emotionally feel about life will be a real focus. You will become aware of your tendencies and imbalances towards your relationship with money, people and conditioning.

This could bring up parental or childhood issues that you have kept secretly locked away in your subconscious. How you view relationships or your importance in society, how others view you or how you believe others accept who you are because of who you have become for that level of acceptance to be liked or loved.

TAURUS -with mercury in retrograde in Scorpio - you will feel the influence through the way others communicate or articulate thoughts and feelings. You will focus on wanting a more truthful and dependable conversation rather than just hearing words.

You could find influential information with sourcing the right people, products and services enabling a clear and precise of time of mediating out areas of life which you feel need room to grow and change. Most of this will be over monetary or material matters.

Find your voice and stand in your own belief and power without bringing up old arguments or past issues. Otherwise you could see yourself reconnecting to fears of inadequacy, inability to ask for that you truly want or deserve, perhaps in fear of judgement or reprisals, lack of support, understanding or financial/material sacrifices.

GEMINI - with mercury in retrograde in Scorpio - you will spend time exploring your emotional betterment and the very environment in which you are and have been greatly influenced In you life’s journey. This explorative experience could reveal a reflective relationship with your mother, a female of significant influence on your emotional being. You will conceptualise this mother figure relationship on how this affects on your own emotional perception on how you nurture, support and protect yourself.

You will be highly sensitive, intuitive and empathetic to everything and everyone. You will crave love, understanding and support, all of which could evolve through better understanding your emotions, how you feel and what creates the reactions or voids deep within.

So, this very influence and journey of experience is about giving back some of the energy to yourself through self care, self love, self esteem, self worth and confidence. Instilling a proactive time of self management and surrounding yourself with positive people, thoughts and long term goals.

CANCER - with mercury in retrograde in Scorpio - you will feel a time of uncertainty or confusion over what the future may bring. You mind will be abuzz with many thoughts, possibiltiies or probables all of which are just taking up space in your intellectual energy.

You will find your focus diminished through procrastinating rather than finding the energy to just set a course and commence the next stage of planning. Instead, you could experience avoiding anything that requires you to make a decisions or choice altogether.

This could highlight problematic areas in relationships, career or personal ambitions which instead of taking a stand you may have habitually relied on others to just come up with the answer or fix the issue. So, now you are faced with taking on the responsibility to create the change or solve the issue head on.

Mercury in retrograde in Scorpio - Uncovers the truth - brings personal growth and development- subconscious awakenings

LEO - with mercury in retrograde in Scorpio -you will be drawn to look at your personal finances and assets. As you delve deeper into what you feel is your material wealth or means. You may discover a change in attitude or perception over the importance of quality rather than quantity.

You will see a need for change in how you handle and invest your energy into making life more comfortable. You may ask yourself if these changes are for comfort or necessity? Are you willing or prepared to accept that the lifestyle transitions which are happening and with those transformations be supporting your needs in the future?

What steps you initiate will have a large impact on how your future financial areas accomodate the plans you may have and areas in which you are speculating order is best needed now rather than later.

VIRGO- with mercury in Scorpio - you may look at what is controlling, holding you back or giving you a false sense of security. The energy and effort to lift restrictive influences in your life will be reflected by what you deem is limiting you from moving forward.

A need for practical and realistic decision making possibly involving incomes, personal and property agreements or financial obligations so as to create a more stable and conducive environment in which to thrive once again. You will be forced to settle your affairs and construct more workable or manageable solutions.

Your personal relationship with others may also go through a timely restructure as you contemplate transforming what once was routine and robotic to now opening the door to a new realisation that you can support someone or a situation even if you are preparing to release ties and move forward.

LIBRA - with mercury in retrograde in Scorpio - you could be holding back on something you know but don’t wish to reveal. The air of secrecy and melding into the backgroud so as to not bring too much attention to yourself or present plans.

You are highly observant of gaining as much intel or information before you reveal what truly is happening. You keen eye and ability to pick up on the thoughts or perceptions of others could bring a beneficial clue to when or how you will manoeuvre your next step.

The only problem with a secret is is ability to blind side you - therefore, nothing is clear or concise, don’t rush into deals or decision making until you have all the facts. You could be discovering missing facts, details or problems with communication and paperwork manifesting. If your gut feeling is not to trust something then listen as it will save you some heart ache or costly problems later on.

SCORPIO - with mercury in retrograde in Scorpio - your natural secretive and protective side will be heightened even more so