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ARIES -THE DEATH reversed 

This month Aries your focus will be on change and that which needs to be transformed. You could see this as a closing a door and making a major personal change. Leaving behind that which will not longer serve past performances or influence but be best for your highest good. However, for this to happen you will need to alter many aspects of your life including you thinking, your self control and your ability to let go of old patterns and past problematic routines. Aries, this month determines how prepared you are to stand by your word, actions or self preservation. “Change can only be possible if you are wiling to change”


This month Taurus will highlight many ways in which to embrace or find more personal freedom. This many manifest through opportunities to solve obligations, remedy or fix problematic areas and improve your life. This may not be something that is easily resolved however, with great patience you will rise above that which once held you back. Taurus the more energy spent on settling your affairs, creating positive steps in which to bring you the type of personal freedom you need. The more capable you become In making ways in which you life can flourish. “You are motivated towards changing that which inhibits you to move forward”


This month Gemini you are looking for more support which may arrive through family or home environments. Although change may manifest in your career, goals and other areas of life. Your focus is on gathering meaningful support to help or encourage you to be more settled. You will see this as taking a responsive step to assess that which you may have contributed to your position or predicament also.  Gemini you are re-evaluating that which requires you to be truly happy. “Life may throw a few tests your way but, you have the ability to rise above and find peace”


This month Cancer you will manifest that which brings greater reward from your efforts. This may arrive through new skills, learning or others presenting acknowledgement from that which you have spent time developing. You will see potential in your talents, abilities or ideas which will give you a chance to move forward into a better positions or life goals. You will sense this is a better time to advance forward with the knowledge of retaining positive outcomes for your effort. “Hard work brings results”


This month Leo be very careful not to create more problems or dramas than you are prepared to handle. You may feel the need to push others, force opinions or imply certain expectations, only to find situations very quickly get out of hand. This is not the right time in which, to instigate large changes or place heavier demands than usual. However, spend the time collecting your thoughts, your words and focus on co-operation and compromise instead. “Let go and move on”


This month Virgo a major reassessment will take place in areas in which you are most unhappy or dissatisfied. The inner reflective mood will bring to surface people, events or situations that may need resolving.You could see this as a time of focusing on the past, that which has transpired and now, how to make better use of that which you have learnt or discovered in which to move forward. The opportunity to look for an alternative or more optimistic path in which to explore change could present more freely now. “Take the reins and embrace change”


This month Libra you crave stimulation, excitement and spontaneity. This can only be possible if you allow yourself to open your mind to possibilities. The more you embrace new ideas, plans or goals the lighter your energy and betterment will become. Taking a well deserved break or change in routine will be liberating. You may wish to take a holiday or break away with the change of scenery recharging your batteries. “Be versatile, create some fun”


This month Scorpio is your chance to take advantage of turning your dreams into reality. You feel abundant with energy, ideas and plans just waiting to be brought to the next level. You may see this as a time of creating, redecorating, expanding your horizons through exploring life around you. This may even include career opportunities or financial gifts to support you more so in the future. You have little to worry about as you manifest a rewarding time in which to accomplish much. “Opportunities that arrive bring abundant results”


This month Sagittarius brings good fortune signalling reprieve from anxiety over monetary, property, or work matters. This may come through financial prosperity, gifts or rewards involving hard work, recognition or lucky breaks finally arriving. Whatever the means it appears to be plentiful and abundant allowing you to make practical decisions on ways in which best to spend or invest to ensure lasting security. “Abundance flows in every area of life”


This month Capricorn you focus your energy on changes within the home or family. This could be a time of contemplating next level decisions or finding the right resources before making commitments. You will be looking for a level of support or reassurance in which to feel confident about your future. However, you will be wise to not engage in family arguments or touchy topics which could lead to unnecessary drama. “Be present in the moment”


This month Aquarius health and betterment will be highly influenced by your ability to bounce back and find time to rest, relax and recoup. You may see yourself as determined to tackle any outstanding issues, gather advice or employ sensible strategies in which to take better care of yourself or others. Therefore, if medical issues require seeing a doctor, specialist or similar you will not hesitate in initiating steps and putting health matters into order. “Being health conscious and improving upon lifestyle”

PISCES - THE FOOL reversed

This month Pisces you could see many problems manifest through unexpected challenges, all of which, could be of your own making. You could lack hindsight, act reckless or impulsive bringing upon yourself a series of tests or lessons which will require much energy to fix or set straight. Or, you may leave matters to chance or the very last minute giving yourself little or no room to alter decisions or actions. “Take care not risks”

with Carolyn Clairvoyant -

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