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November 2020 What Light Do You Shine?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The month will start with a healthy dose of commonsense as you may see much of that which, has transpired over the past months and possible how you may have reacted to matters or events, now giving you a clear understanding of where you really need to be.

November will bring in a more socially aligned month where past conflicts will settle and life begins to find a somewhat “normal“ regime. You may see yourself voicing more of that which has come to mind, deep thoughts or philosophies on subjects you discovered, lessons learnt or even how best to support standing in your own personal power

You may see this as a time of reconnecting with greater wisdom, discernment’s or focus concerning relationships, friendships or partnership matters. You will be no longer lingering in doubt but, seeing possible solutions as viable vessels for change. You may have learnt in past months that no matter how smart you thought you were November, lets you put the mark on personal happiness

You are content to move forward, to sort out life in a way which enables you to prosper. In many ways, it can feel as though you now are accepting the fact of having your own fate in your own hands. You see this as a time to flourish with newfound goals, get busy with plans but, most importantly, to see your dreams as welcoming stepping stones bringing faith to that which is more possible to accomplish.

November gives you a sense of running a fair race. You feel supported, nurtured and in tune with that which gives you a chance to hit the restart button. The shift will be strong enough to push you into a new phase in your life, a turning of a corner so to speak.

Old fears will melt away as you begin to see your future with prospective opportunities manifesting. Doors begin to open and you are stepping more freely into that which, you see can be happier commitments.

Your confidence beams, love or personal awareness blossoms and life evolve around perfectly aligned partnerships, collaborations or significant communications that you have patiently anticipated to happen.

November brings you an abundance in which to build reassurance, support and positive vibrations connected to that which govern a time of greater stability for the future. Hence why you may see the importance in balancing out your environment and those whom you connect.

This month brings your focus to improving the home, living and family environments. You could be considering starting a family, adopting a pet or focusing on your family and their needs whilst taken care to nurture yourself.

It may be quite possible that you begin to value the equality and harmony in those who have been a pinnacle of support or deeper gratitude and respect for those whom you have relied upon in times of need. You may see this as a chance to repay the kindness, generosity or support.

This is an excellent time to renovate, build or find the perfect home. You will be nurturing your creative desires with a focus on comfort and warmth. You have a keen eye on what fits perfectly to give your personal space that added charm and character.

Cosmic Hugs - Happy Birthday to all the fellow Sagittarians! I send you the biggest wishes and may your birthday shine! #CarolynClairvoyant #November2020

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