Numerology - What does the year 2020 mean for you!

Finding Your Personal Year

Find your Personal Year by adding your day, month of birth to the current year, break down to a single digit.

Example: 27th of November (is my day and month of birth) with the current year 2020 would break down to 2+7+1+1+2+0+2+0 = 15 which breaks down to 1+5= 6

so my Personal Year is a 6

*There are no master numbers in Personal Years

For example: My personal year is a 6 for 2020

The Personal Year Number Explained



New beginnings and fresh starts

Inventive with business ideas

Success in all ventures

Abundance in making decisions that lead to new money making ideas

Lucky Breaks

This year is about supporting your own goals and need. You will be starting the year off feeling fresh and alive as you enter a time of new directions and fresh starts. Your desire for more independence could assist you to achieve some very specific opportunities that bring possible relocation, a new job, a business ideal or deal or even a new relationship.

You are will be in a very powerful year vibration that encourages you to support your ideals and to find areas that will allow you to be able to grow and move forward. You could decide this is the perfect time to negotiate a better deal, buy into a business or even start new projects knowing you have a great year that is both lucrative and stable.

Your ability to network and communicate will be of a great asset especially if you have been on the brink of stepping into a new role or position connected with your career last year. There is also a strong focus on financial matters with deals being struck and abundance of being able to sustain or multiply your earnings and material assets.

Personal relationships also have a sensational vibration throughout this year. New friendships flourish, finding the right person seem effortless with new ones forming through social and spontaneous events.

For those in a more secure relationship could see the relationship entering a new stage of growth with commitments and agreements to move in together, get engaged or join forces on buying something to build a future upon together.



Pregnancies, children, family

In touch with creative abilities

Highly spiritual

Communications are important

Mirror image situations come into your life

This year is setting the tone for communication, creative energies, intuitiveness and partnerships. You will be finding yourself more inclined to be sensitive to your dreams and desires as you search for more than just you this year. You mind will be alive with great ideas that are bursting to become a reality in your pursuit to bring to life the inner core of your beliefs.

Communication becomes a strong influence and is especially favored for those connected to the arts, such as singing, writing, drawing, dancing or other forms of expression. People hear your messages and tend to build a rapport with your work quickly which leads to opportunities for more interaction and support for your work.

You could find that you are interested in joining forces with someone, a company or even an organization to bring growth to a project or goal you have been nurturing. As this is a good influence for relationships, networking and other dual commitments you will find the offers just come to you, lead to new doors opening or solidify into something both substantial and lucrative.

As your emotions, will be craving someone to share them with you will find the perfect opportunity to meet or enter the right relationship presents itself during this time. If you are already in a secure relationship marriage, family or even engagement could be the next you both take.

You could also be considering changing your home and finding the perfect love nest, something that allows you to have your own space and work from home or perhaps live between two places all in the name of love.


Training and Study

Reward for all your hard work

Writing, reading, applying your knowledge

Career moves, promotions and success

Lots of projects or irons in the fire

This year is bringing excellent vibrations to finances, work and skilled abilities. You will have a lot of energy and great ideas to do a lot of different things throughout the year. A good time for receiving recognition for all the hard efforts you have put into your work, goals and pursuits.

You may find yourself setting up some great milestones in your career with offers and opportunities to advance your position, enhance your skills or train and teach others being a focus. Those in the fields of writing, lecturing, teaching or business will find this an exceptional year with recognition and financial rewards for your efforts being the focus of new doors opening for you.

Career will be a strong influence as you find yourself goal oriented and ready to network with those who are ready to see a whole new dimension to opening their abilities, taking up a leadership role in work or going back to study and enhance your potential for a better career change.

Financially this is a very good year for money to build upon and through your efforts it becomes a great source of stability under this vibration as you may often enter lucrative business and financial deals.

Relationship could take a bit of a back seat as you may have a lot of your energy focused on certain achievements. Meeting someone is not impossible but you could find them closely linked to your place of work or interest.

Those in a secure relationship could find this year brings a time of compromise and understanding that other things or matters may have precedence over the relationship.


Accumulating security

Building finances

Career opportunities are abundant

You don’t suffer fools more a practical approach to life

May purchase a home, large ticket items, things that bring you a sense of accomplishment

This year your focus is on stability, building foundations and materialism. There is a strong drawing toward gaining the right career, a promotion or even being more settled in your home and material sectors with large purchases or financial commitments. Your tendency to work very diligently through this year could see be rewarded for your hard work and your reaching goals.

Career and work will excel as you have the focus to put in the long hours and hard work required to attain the outcomes you have envisioned. Your practical mind set will enable you to sift through the areas that need to change for there to be a more stable path about better conditions, workable career advancements, business growth or setting the foundations for future expansion.

Financially you will have a great time with earning a better income, securing loans or even opening investments and property opportunities. This is a perfect vibration in which to gain headway on your material desires and want as they seem to accumulate effortlessly. Often the chance to buy a large ticket item such as a car, home or business is favored under this influence.

Relationships will be a little tougher on your emotions as you will have your focus on accomplishing a lot with career, work or material goals. Singles may crave a relationship but be a little critical of what they feel they need to give up to have a relationship.

The small tug o wars that could arise is between giving the same time or energy to someone as you do to the other areas of your life that are your priority under this vibration.

If you are in a secure relationship you may find this is a time of putting your heads together and working towards a common goal for your future together.


Socially very popular

Great for home businesses

Tend to gain weight

Through interaction you will network with those that will open doors</