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October’s Highs and Lows

I, guess that this month has been either of a ripper success or a totally blow it out your trumpet. The great thing about October, is the power to show you exactly that which, needs your focus and that which, you can do without.

You may have noticed with the vibrations that this month started pretty much as usual. The start of which, inspired many ideas and planning possibly, a feel good moment or two. Perhaps bringing with it a giddy sense of motivation.

Then, mid month you could be sensing a few fears bubbling to the surface, small issues over what truly could be restrictive, obligatory or reminding you of what is holding back the full potential of emerging with change.

Of course, then that flat vacant space starts to fill the mind with questions and concepts. Some of which, may come with no real answers or direction. Why Is this? Perhaps, the planets are dragging a slow backward trace in the universal sphere. Perhaps, the influence is awakening some deep seated frustrations. Perhaps, just perhaps you are coming into an actualisation on that which really needs purpose to change.

Not the space junk floating around your energy but, the real stuff. The stuff that, makes you prioritise the importance of sorting matters out in life. You see this as preparation, being constructive and taking the initiative. The will to pull life back into a place as you see it, could lead to the changes you really hope to manifest.

The cat is playing the fiddle but, the cow is not jumping over the moon. Instead, you may be reflecting with all that has been, all that has taken place and all that has changed. A letting go of sorts, an awakening that stirs the emotions into spits and spats of impatience, uncertainty, fear or even anger.

Communication is blurred with mixed feelings, the inability to process as the head is too busy over thinking. You may even be comforting your doubts or insecurities instead of trusting situations may turn out better than you can possibly believe.

You might be craving your independence, looking for ways to invite the plans and results you desire. BUT, it also means letting go of something you may have held onto, a safety zone, a comfortable place in which there was no need to transition and grow. But, now As you peek out from under the covers you begin to see the space you are living within.

Once you find your strength to straighten your resolve and back yourself to let go and trust matters. You can move forward with confidence

A time to recognise you have the support to nurture that which is real and worthy. Even if you have no idea how or if anything is close to being possible. October, reminds you that in the midst of mayhem or complication - you really do have the power to commit to your happiness, to make the tough decisions or to see this as a sign of encouraging improvements into your life so as to be a better version of you.

You might even discover how talented you have become at dancing to your own fiddle. So, as October ebbs and flows, you will find yourself building a new confidence to lead you forward.

#CarolynClairvoyant #October2020

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