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Pisces 2021 Tarotscopes


This year expect this to be a time of major adjustments and changes. One of which you may already see as life giving you larger and more brighter opportunities in which to feel content. This may include taking time to explore areas outside of your usual routines, a home change or even travel.

You want to have more input into how your life is managed. Therefore you will initiate changes to commence now - some you may not thought possible for years to come. You see this as opportunity knocking and you are better prepared to answer that door.


Home and family matters will focus more so on the new set of unexpected opportunities which may arise in the early parts of 2021. Although January brings the start of plans it may take you until mid 2021 to see those plans evolve.

You will have a strong drawing towards clearing the way on matters which may have held you back or in a holding pattern for some time. Perhaps for some, this may finally mean the kids are flying the coup giving you more time to focus on your own life. For others it may be plans to have children could arrive unexpectedly. Surprises within the family may indicate births, pregnancies or family matters are strongly influenced.

If you have dreamt of visiting a place since childhood or gathering more with siblings, family or those you love and adore. Then expect this year to be filled with reunions and family times.


Career and personal goals throughout 2021 will be the strong motivator influencing not only your home decisions but also your personal satisfaction. You see this as a time of making changes that perhaps had to you tug o warring throughout 2020. Now it appears the choices you make will be solely based on doing what is best fro all concerned.

A chance to move ahead, take a promotion or have more personal freedom to pick and choose could bring you into the right space around June and July 2021. If you recall much of your choices come through opportunities that knock right on your door or fall in your lap.

This year promises to surprise you at every corner with considerations or opportunities you least expect giving you the chance to make that move you felt was ready to happen but may need a little encouragement to initiate.


This year promises to give you a chance to cut away at old incomes and generate a new resource. You may do this through an early redundancy, new offer or take a well earned pay rise. However, the real bonus which appears in and around July and August 2021 gives you the best results as you cut your losses and just accept you will be better off in the long run either way.

It appears success may come through several financial opportunities however, if you were not feeling the need for one reason or the other to change your circumstances. May and June 2021 highlight the first signs that you may be signing on an agreement that will give you more financial freedom in the next few months.

There appears to be no real wins or big money happening through lotteries more likely through effort you may have placed or previously invested. This could signify the bonus applies to investments, sales or pensions/superannuation. However you will not baulk at the chance to move into a better financial time with prospects of future benefits.


This year you may need to take extra care of your spine, lower back, muscles and joints. These areas are prone to be problematic or at times needing greater focus to keep in good health. You may not really know what triggers an incident as it may not appear to come involved with the other symptoms.

However checking posture, bone density and other aches and pains may reveal issues which have impacted you for some time before finally showing up. The months which appear to be significant revolve around October 2021 but you may see underlining issues as early as January 2021 before matters exasperate or create a few issues later in the year.


Relationships and personal connections appear to have a unique time of closing off old doors and opening new ones. You are determined to set this year up to be about inviting in fresh changes. This may include leaving old friendships, old relationship problems or finally divorcing your ex. Whatever it may be you are setting sailed to brighter and more abundant waters as you move to the next phase of personal happiness.

For some this may be a sigh of relief. Finally having the chance to set plans in motion without the hang ups or past influencing your present. For others this may encourage you to pop the question or take your relationship to a new and more formidable level.

Expect changes either way to commence around the later parts of 2021 especially between October and November however, given that this has been slowly evolving since October 2020 or the past 10 months. You may see influences in which turn your attentions to friendships, personal connections and associates once feelings or true intentions are revealed. “Maybe someone you thought was a friend is actually going to surprise you with something said or done”

This year you will work on ways to create the happiness you need. Personal relationships wont be super easy. However the choices you make will not be super hard either. You recognise that which is right and therefore those you wish to surround yourself with.

Compiled by Carolyn Clairvoyant

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